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Find a logo designer [On fiverr]


Find a logo designer So, we have question how to find a logo designer ? Honestly speaking in world it’s not very easy.  Why it’s not so easy? because you have lots of online sites. Due to large number of  market places finding true top logo designer is almost impossible. …

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Yahoo launches a new social application “Newsroom”


Yahoo, an American multinational technology company. It is globally known as a search engine, web-portal. It offers many services like yahoo directory, yahoo mail, yahoo answers, yahoo groups, video sharing and many more. Yahoo is considered as one of the biggest people capturing plat-form through its many enchanting services. Besides of …

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Facebook launching a new “Messenger-lite” App


In the interest of better services for its users, Facebook is improving its application day by day since 2004. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook with his team are doing a remarkable efforts in this field. Few months back, Facebook had made some changes in the interface of its messenger application by adding some …

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How to Extend Android Battery Life?

Extend Android Battery Tips

Now a day everyone has the android device and wants to enjoy its features without charging them as long as possible. So here the Extend Android Battery Life discussion arises and everyone wants to know that how to extend android battery life? Well you can find numerous ways to extend …

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