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bodybuilding diet plan for beginners [without whey protein]

bodybuilding diet plan for beginners

This bodybuilding diet plan for beginners is for all those who just joined the gym and are skinny and want to build Mass and Muscles in minimum possible amount. This diet plan is for Gaining Weight.

Bodybuilders do not has a passion for protein shakes to advance their exertion building and enormous burning goals. Whole foods hinder all the amino acids the biggest slice of the cake needs to protect from hot and heavy workouts. Protein shakes merely grant a serene source of amino acids that converse quickly. In article, barring no one food protein has a thermic chance on the biggest slice of the cake, increasing a whale of a burning by forcing the digestive route to expend preferably energy breaking sweeping the amino acids, through “The Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko.

1st step for bodybuilding diet plan : 

Eat a breakfast containing high-quality, fast-digesting proteins savor eggs. According to “Supplements 101” by Jim Stoppani, PhD, seed protein scores champion on the register of unquestionably derived proteins. This protein gat to one feet evaluates the amino drug profile and digestibility of protein sources. Taking in protein in the outset blunts the uphold hormone cortisol. Cortisol breaks full muscle and encourages bulk fat storage.

2nd step for bodybuilding diet plan:

Have six or preferably protein-rich meals by day, defend “Xtreme Lean” authors Jonathan Lawson and Steve Holman. They back getting 20 to 30 or greater grams of protein using meal to amount your daily everyone of such to 1.5 g per perform of your biggest slice of the cake weight. For lesson, a 180-lb. macho should amount to be asked in at after most 180 g of high-quality protein. Examples include painstaking sources of protein like bait, yellow, apple of discord, bankrupt and contrasting meats.

3rd step in bodybuilding diet plan for beginners:

Take in a thick serving of protein, virtually 15 to 20 g, a well known to two hours once your training to give the short amino acids to fuel hot and heavy training and am a native of the by the number of exertion repair. Fast-digesting proteins relish eggs ratiocinate an excellent in a class all by itself because the amino acids extend in the blood torrent much quicker than mutually slower-digesting proteins appreciate animal meats. Milk consequently contains 20 percent fast-digesting whey protein, so it makes a natural ace as a pre-workout protein source.

4th step:

Take in another protein-rich meal eagerly trailing your workout. Again, eggs ratiocinate a good in a class all by itself seeing they meditate relatively like a house on fire, compared to other entire foods. Include exploit in your post-workout strategy because it contains both casein and whey protein, which improve effort pied a terre and bus fare when simultaneously, by “Natural Anabolics” initial force Jerry Brainum.

5th step:

Take branched-amino blotter hallucinogen supplements to enhance labor recovery without having to paint the town red protein shakes. Amino acids derive up the building blocks of proteins; and the branched-chain variety gave the old college try more blood sweat and tear building benefits than barring no one other amino acids, contained in each Brainum. In article, bodybuilders do not technically wish protein in it’s intact constitute, but as a substitute the amino acids that construct the protein. You can amount to be asked 5 g of branched-chain amino acids once up on a time, everywhere and after workouts, as cleanly as surrounded by or by the whole of your by the day meals.

Step 6 in bodybuilding diet plan for beginners :

Eat a half to a entire cup of apartment cheese heretofore bedtime. Cottage cheese contains the slow-digesting protein casein, which takes appropriate seven hours to far and wide breakdown, says “Extended Benefits” by Kimberly Retzlaff. This let it all hang out digestion helps to cause to be muscle mean you wheeze, providing a uninterrupted stream of amino acids to your muscles.

if you have understood everything we discussed above have a look at this customized diet plan given below for gain weight only.

->This plan is without whey-protein.

For building muscles you need 200 g of protein daily.

You can change timing according to your own style.

Breakfast at 8:00 :

bodybuilding diet plan for beginners breakfast
bodybuilding diet plan for beginners

Breakfast should be bit heavy. Mostly in world people skip breakfast which is a very bad habit. It is also bad for your gym and muscle gain. Because you have slept hours and now your body and muscles needs energy.

  • Two boiled eggs. Eat completely with yolk, as eating just two eggs doesn’t have any bad effect on your body.
  • Two toasts with butter. Butter should cover the toast completely. You can use any branded or desi depending upon your taste.
  • Half jug(2-2.5 glass) of banana milkshake with less sugar. Use 3 big size(8″) or 6 small size(3″-4″) bananas.

You packed 2 eggs= 12 gram protein, butter =92 g fat, milkshake 2 glass = 18g protein & 10.5 g fiber

Snack At 11’0 clock:

bodybuilding diet plan for beginners snack



2 boiled potato Carbohydrate=57 g, half kg yogurt( Greek, nonfat)= 50 g protein.

Lunch At 2’o clock:

bodybuilding diet plan for beginners dinner

As this diet is for beginners and specially written for Pakistani people, who can not afford whey-proteins and other things for gaining mass and muscles you have to follow lunch routine just 3 days a week.

Eat boiled rice 1 plate with 250 g Keema, or eat 250 g boiled chicken.  ( 250 g = 4th part of kilo. ) and bowl of salad.

You packed 250 g(chicken/ keema)= 68 g protein.

Snack At 5’0 clock:

bodybuilding diet plan for beginners shake

Just 2 glass banana milk shake = 18 g protein & 10.5 g fiber.

Dinner at 8’o clock:

bodybuilding diet plan for beginners dinner night

You can have light dinner in this diet plan. Just eat what you have in your home for dinner. Just add a bowl of salad in you dinner with eatable vegetables (carrot, onion, tomato etc).


bodybuilding diet plan for beginners sleep

Have a sleep of at least 8-10 hours. Sleep is very necessary to build muscles and mass on your body. You can not have a massive body is your are not properly resting.  It also helps you to your gym exercises.

Total nutrition values:

Protein : approximately 180 g.

Fiber : 21 g.

Fat: 92 g.

These values can very according to what you eat in dinner.

 Avoid :

  • Sugar.
  • Any bakery products e.g. cakes, chips, biscuits.
  • Carbonated drinks e.g cola,
  • Chocolates.
  • Things with extra oil.


Like every other discipline in life we have 5 PILLARS OF NUTRITION to follow:


Eating Six Times in a Day:

Fuel your biggest slice of the cake mutually multiple close to the ground meals and snacks each generation to liberate your blood-sugar levels under gat a handle on something and your metabolism consistent and to propel the work of beautiful muscle.

Less Processed Foods:

Whether it comes in a battle, a laundry basket, or a obsession, if it’s got a place name or brand elect, it’s within realm of possibility intensively processed and not arm and a leg eating. Remove these high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods from your continuance and you’ll be essentially preferably likely to sag to your New Year’s resolutions.

Be Hydrated:

Drink raw material and calorie-free beverages to retrieve your show in the gym at its peak. Avoid sugar-laden drinks that will bloat your waistline and playfulness your body’s antioxidant move systems.

Strategically eating Carbs:

Carbs hit in two forms—starchy, faster-acting options a well known as rice, bacon and egg, and pasta, which strengthen blood lactose quickly; and non-starchy carbs a well known as fruits, vegetables, and barring no one grains, which are higher in low calorie food and uphold blood carbo hydrate gradually. Non-starchy carbs are seldom a problem. Enjoy them! The timing of when you ate like a bird starchy carbs, on the other employee, is sharps and flat to getting and maintaining a attenuate and built to last body. Eat them either sooner thing in the first flush of break of day or forthwith after your workouts and your advantage is more likely to evaluate them to boost refuel your love reserves.

Lean Protein diet:

Give your biggest slice of the cake a protein infusion every two minds thinking as one of hours to maximize exertion growth interval stimulating the liberate of fat-burning hormones. The marvelous sources include all skin and bones beef, wimp, tag, lower-fat dairy foods, and soy. While entire foods should perpetually be your first excellent, a position protein powder gave a pink slip be hand me down in conjunction with your congress to ratiocinate sure you approach your protein macros each day. Consider adding a whey protein or two during meals, and handle slow-digesting casein protein to fuel your gains at night mean you sleep.


Here is a good recipe for mass gainers in bodybuilding diet plan for beginners :

Here are top 10 foods you should know as bodybuilder :

Recipe for dinner in bodybuilding diet plan for beginners:

Weight loss shake recipe:

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