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Top bodybuilding myths Specially in India and Pakistan

Here are top 5 bodybuilding myths you hear from people who don’t go gym

  1. You will become fat after doing bodybuilding. (Most famous in bodybuilding myths)
  2. Your skin will have a loose look.
  3. You have to eat day and night.
  4. You have to continue it till death. No way out.
  5. You will remain short (Dwarfism). Means short in height.

Lets find out about these myths one by one

  • You will become fat:

Yes, it’s from bodybuilding myths but it’s kind of true as well. If you just eat like cow and do nothing you will end up gaining fat and become a cow 🙂 .But if you eat and go to gym and burn what you have eaten. Don’t worry you are safe.

Reason people gain fat instead of muscles :

Some people do exercise and still gain fat instead of gaining muscles. Because they are not eating right things. They just eat whatever comes in-front of them . That’s really a bad habit.Not just for bodybuilders but for those who don’t do exercise. First you need to understand your body type then select right food for yourself.

What is Right Food For Bodybuilders ?

Well depends upon, You want to gain or want to lose. Best option is to go to some gym instructor who can guide you properly with his/her knowledge in this field. Other then that let’s talk in general .

Diet for bodybuilders:


  1. Anything having good amount of protein in it .e.g. fish, chicken, meat, eggs, grams, peanuts and you can Google for more. Approximately you have to eat 200 grams of protein daily if you want to gain muscles.
  2. Try to eat clean means without oil and extra fat.
  3. Eat pure and fresh vegetables and fruit. Don’t cook these just eat fresh and healthy .
  4. Take whey protein in you shake. before and after your gym. Whey is protein powder extracted from milk.

bodybuilding myths HealthyFood

Don’t Eat:

  1. Stop drinking carbonated drinks .
  2. sugar based drinks (instead of juice prefer smoothies)
  3. Stop eating chocolates,cakes or anything contain sugar in excess.

Warning for Indian and Pakistani bodybuilders:  Stop over eating your home made roties (chapati) for bodybuilding .Roti provide you energy. But it’s not good if you are having multiple roties 3 time a day. Stop eating paratha, bread and oil based curry and Salan with lots of chilies in it.


Diet for people who just want to stay fit:

Just note how much calories you are eating and how much you are burning. For staying at your current weight don’t take more calories then what you are consuming right now. For girls approximately 1500 calories a day are fine and for male 2000 calories.

And the rule to eat fresh and healthy applies to all even if you are not a bodybuilder. Eat more protein and less fat.


  • Your skin will have a loose look 

When you become old your skin will automatically start to give you loose look. But if you are a skinny boy and having this feeling then i’m afraid this is not going to happen. As first you need to gain mass like Arnold and then stop doing activity and stay on bed for longer periods of time then you can have that look :D. It’s not as easy as it looks.

bodybuilding myths SkinnyBoy

People who are lazy as hell .And have zero activity level already have loose skin on their bodies. As they gain fat and body starts to grow in unwanted ways.

So stop fearing and go to gym and stay fit and healthy 🙂

  • You have to eat day and night

No, Not at all. If you are gaining you have to eat but it’s easy when you see your gains and mostly people love to eat. So basically it’s not a problem. If you don’t want to be next Mr.Olympia then don’t worry just eat normal and healthy 🙂

  • You have to continue it till death. No way out

No, That not actually true. It all depends upon what are your goals. Next Mr.Olympia or Just regular handsome dude 😀 .

But in general if someone wants to stay fit and healthy with muscles and good shape. You can leave gym for while or you can go to gym for 2 , 3 time a week just for maintenance of your body shape. Look bodybuilding is a lifestyle, those who want’s to stay fit and healthy can do that just by running and push-ups as well. For gaining muscles you have to go to gym. This is just an excuse of those who are lazy and can’t move from their bed .

Anyone with zero activity level can never be in good shape.


  • You will remain short (Dwarfism).Means short in height 

If you are kid, Means your age is less then 13, 14 years then doing heavy weight training is not good for you. You can get injured, you can break your bones and their are many other problems. But other then that doing exercise with light weights or bodyweight exercises doesn’t effect your growth hormones.


Images-credit : flicker.com under license to use commercially


Love,peace,respect,unity 🙂

Hope you like the article 🙂

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