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How to check gyno (gynecomastia) or fat chest?

Gyno (gynecomastia) or Fat chest

Many of you are really confused in both these things and thinking about how to actually know about it. It’s actually very simple and straight but still confusing at the same time. We will go with bit of introduction about it for those who don’t know much about it.

Gyno (gynecomastia):

It’s actually something that makes male chest nipples pop out and they look really wired and bad. It’s common and goes away with time in males. It’s due to estrogen(a female hormone). Few new born have it too passed from their mothers and it will go away with time. It can be in your teenage as well.


How to detect:

Best way is to go to a doctor and have a proper examination. We are not going to display any picture here because you can get confused in thinking that you have gyno. You most probably having chest fat. If you are having fat on your chest in a normal way then when you press your nipple area you feel normal fat. If you are having gyno you will feel something bit harder then fat some kind of solid under nipple. If it’s just soft chest with fat then, you will feel nothing as solid under your nipple on chest means you don’t have gyno it’s fat. Best way is to squeeze your nipple with your fingers and check if you have something solid under your chest nipple.



If you are having fat on your stomach then most probably you have chest fat and thinking it as gyno. First loss your fat by doing exercise and check again if your chest is in normal shape or not.

When you do exercise gyno is gone and without pumped up body you get the gyno. That’s not the way it should be, you must be having fat on your chest area. Do exercise specially running to burn your body fat.



Let’s suppose you have gyno and now what?. Don’t worry you still have solution to your problem. Just go to a doctor and they can remove it with just lil bit of surgery, not a big one just normal surgery.


Hope it helps you all 🙂

Love, peace, respect and unity


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3 months 1 day ago

sure it will be strong with gynecomastia, in that case surgery is the only way.