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How to get instant rid of Pimples on Skin

Pimples are basically the swellings of skin. It is basically due to some secretions of sebaceous glands that secretes sebum, which got entrapped in the skin and usually appear in the form of pimples. Sebum is usually an oily waxy matter, used to lubricate the skin and its naturally secreted by sebaceous glands. It is useful for the skin when it is secreted in controlled amount. Excess amount of it’s usually results into rashes or pimples on the skin.

Pimples do nothing but give a miserable look. That’s why people want to get rid of these pimples as early as possible.

There are many  medical remedies available to remove pimples, as this is the common issue happens to almost every second person. But almost every medicated treatment has side effects, that may vary from person to person because every person has different type of skin. But usually natural remedies have almost no side effects. No doubt they have slow results but the work out to great and long lasting results.

Well, there are different treatments to deal with the pimples. I’ll tell you the simple and the easy one that you can apply at home to get the instant results.

1. Use of Lemon On Pimples:

Lemon is also one of the best thing for the glowing of skin. It has high amount of vitamin C that is very essential for the skin. For skin cleansing and removing of acne and pimples , apply freshly cut lemon or cotton swab dipped in lemon juice gently on the skin for few minutes and then wash the skin with lukewarm water. Remember don’t use packed lemon juice as it contain preservative that are not useful for the skin. Excessive use of lemon is not suitable for the sensitive skin because extra usage causes redness and itching.


Source Credit : pixabay.com

2. Use of Garlic On Pimples:

Garlic is the best antioxidants , anti bacterial , anti-inflammatory nature. Because of enriched amount of sulpher compounds , it removes the toxic materials , acne  and bacteria from the skin and give it a  natural glow. It also act as anti-inflammatory, you can apply the garlic clove on the affected area, it will give you the instant relieve.

For removing the acne and pimples , simple cut the garlic into cloves. Apply the cloves gently on the skin and after that wash the skin with lukewarm water. This is the best natural remedy for acne and pimples.


Source Credit : wikimedia.org


3. Use of Ice on Pimples:

Use of ice on the skin make the pores tightened and helps to remove oil through the skin. It also reduces swelling and redness. You can either apply the ice cube directly on the skin or if possible , you can crush the cube and wrapped it in a piece of cotton paper and gently apply it on the skin. This will make you calm and freshen, as your skin get tight and oil accumulated in the skin begin to remove. This is one of the simplest and easiest way to get cured. Repeat this process few time, and you’ll notice your pimple get reduced.


Source Credit : wikimedia.org

Hope you guys have enjoyed these simple remedies. If you have liked this, share with friends too 🙂


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