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How to lose belly fat [Solved]

Lose belly Fat

How to lose belly Fat is a common question when you are in the age of twenties. How this happens and why you are selected and others are having flat bellies. The answer is simple and straight.

Your eating habits are not good. May be you are eating right but your activity level is zero. Depending upon what you do, you still can lose your belly fat easily.

Why mostly in twenties?

Because when you are growing fat is used in your body and you grow in height and that’s a good thing. In your twenties your height stops to grow any further then same fat that you were eating stays in your body.

Why Belly area ?

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Why the fat targets the belly area. It’s actually in your whole body and in muscles and you start noticing when it comes to your belly. Male body store fat on their bellies first then females. Females get fat on their hip area after that on their belly. And then your face and whole body.

Reasons of belly fat:

  • You are eating bad things. High calorie diet.
  • Zero exercise.
  • Low water intake.
  • Your work routine is sitting on chair all the day.
  • You eat in wrong times. (Eating high at dinner and low in breakfast is very bad).

What is bad for eating?

Any carbonated drink, sugar, bakery products(chips, cakes etc) and anything in excess, alcohol, beer. Have a balanced diet.

What to eat ?

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If you are a bodybuilder then here is complete bodybuilding diet plan. If you just want to stay fit and healthy just eat right things and avoid the bad things mentioned above. Eat meat, vegetables and fruits. And note your calories intake and burn by exercise to maintain your body shape.

How to lose belly fat?

There is no specific way to lose only your belly fat. You have to lose overall fat from your body. Don’t worry when you start losing fat, belly fat will also go away. Start running and drinking pure and clean water daily. Start with small sprints. 10-15 minutes total. Do cycling if you have a cycle.

What is sprint ?

Lose belly Fat | How to lose belly fat 4

Sprint is running as fast as you can in a specific amount of time. In above mentioned 10-15 minutes of exercise do different sprints of 1 minute or 2 minute. After sprint jog slowing or just stop to take rest and then again start your sprint.

What about abs exercises?

If you are having fat on your belly, abs exercises will do no magic at all. First you have to lose your belly fat then start doing exercise for abs.

Warning: Don’t just start crash dieting(Stop eating food at all), This is one of the stupid mistakes people make to lose weight or belly fat. Remember EAT¬†clean, healthy and do exercise.


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