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How to Earn Money from YouTube Monetization

YouTube is considered to be one of the popular video streaming platform. In the same way it also provide its users a way to earn money through their videos. This is done by running the advertisement along with the videos. This concept is called video monetization. It charges advertisers for these advertisement and share some remunerations with you allowing you to make money from views.

It has recently introduced monetization in Pakistan. Monetization means you approve the presence of advertisements on your videos. It pays you for these advertisements.

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YouTube Eligibility Criteria for Monetization:

YouTube doesn’t allow to monetize videos that use any of the following without the clear authorization of the person who made or created all material:

  • Songs or pieces of music of movies.
  • Music (including cover songs, lyrics, and background music)
  • Graphics and pictures (including photographs and artwork)
  • Movie or TV visuals
  • Video game or software visuals.
  • Live performances (including concerts, sporting events, and shows)

It mainly focus for the quality and originality of the content that is advertisement friendly.




How to Enable YouTube Monetization:

By following these simple steps you can easily made your videos monetized.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  1. In the top right corner, select your account icon >Creator Studio.



  1. If the channel is not created , create the channel First




  1. In the left menu bar, select Channel > Status and features




5. Under “Monetization,” click Enable.




6. Enable your Account Status.



7. Accept the monetization agreement.



You have successfully enabled your YouTube video monetization.


Now the Next Step is adding Google Ad-sense Account.

After that you will get paid on your views. If you have enabled video monitization but didn’t attach to Google Ad-sense Account, you will get nothing. You are getting add on your content but without ad-sense your revenue will be zero.

Google Ad-sense account has also its own terms and conditions , I’ll explain these in my next article.

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