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Find a logo designer [On fiverr]

Find a logo designer


So, we have question how to find a logo designer ? Honestly speaking in world it’s not very easy.  Why it’s not so easy? because you have lots of online sites. Due to large number of  market places finding true top logo designer is almost impossible. We are currently going to deal with fiverr only. We have a great solution just read the article and save yourself from wasting time and money.

Let’s talk about fiverr. What is fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that provide you services starting for $5. You can get anything for $5. You can get a logo, a website, music, article and much more. Why it’s so attractive, is just because of $5 that people think it’s just $5. Doesn’t matter if i waste my money on fiverr, just give it a try.

Due to millions of sellers around the world it become very difficult to find a good top logo designer on this market. You have to spend a lot of money to get a good top logo designer.

Is $5 is enough for everything?

Should i buy Iphone or android

That’s really confusing at first but after wasting money you will learn that everything is not of $5. But sellers on fiverr offer services even if they don’t know how to do it for $5. It’s funny isn’t it.

Just use your brain for a second, how is that possible for a professional designer to think and then draft different ideas on paper then convert those ideas in digital format for $5. It’s possible only if the designer is not a designer but a copy pasting guru. Who copy other logos and put your name under that logo or use online logo generating sites to get free logos.

What Free logo generating websites…! ?

Yes, there are number of sites that provide free logo for everyone. But with little problems, they don’t allow commercial use or even if they allow they have same design for everyone. Logo is your unique identity and it’s not possible that way. Click this link to read complete detail on free logo making online.

Here are result form free logo making sites:

Make online logo

Cool right. You will get the same results just with your name under all logos.


First review the profile and check the comments/reviews from other people on profile of designer. If comments are satisfying and in greater number at least 10 then you can count on your designer. Look for the pricing and try to avoid people with $5-$15 for logo. We tested different designers from whole market and found someone who is really good at designing logos. Here is the link to profile : Designer:PictureStudio 

Trust us you will get best logo design from the given profile. Choice is completely yours.


Share you experience after getting your logo. We will wait for your response and help others to get their logo. Hoping that information on this article help you to find a logo designer.

Love, peace, respect and unity 🙂

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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8 months 20 days ago

Thank you so much for such nice article. It really trigged my mind about fiverr $5 for everything. You are absolutely right everything is not for $5.

Harold Inglis
Harold Inglis
6 months 11 days ago

Thanks for sharing such good post!!At first look, you might be pulled in by the “Boundless modifications” guarantee by a few dealers. In any case, you ought to reconsider before you request such logo configuration administrations. Would you truly require UNLIMITED modifications in every day life? When you compose an article, will you have to edit it numerous multiple occassions, if not boundlessly? In the event that yes, I’m very certain you’ve composed a poor article.