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How to find topic for your blog post

Writing a blog post

Sometime, it’s very difficult for people to find topic for your blog post. If your blog is about a particular thing you get into trouble for writing a good article that help other people. It feels like you have written about everything. But the world never ends and topics never stop. You just need a right way to find a topic.

Google trends

If you already know about this good but if you don’t know about google trends, you should know that. Google trends is actually Google’s own site, where they display current trends of world. You can sort, filter and even search for a topic just by writing your field. It will show you details of related queries which will give you an idea about what people are searching on the Internet. From those queries you will get an idea about what to write next in blog post.




Buzzsumo is also one of the top websites that provide you analytics about posts on web. It will show you how much shares the post have. You just have to type your keywords and buzzsumo show you list of different post with number of shares on that post. You can easily grab idea about what to write today on your blog as your new blog post.

blog post buzzsumo



If you don’t know about hubspot, you know nothing about getting idea for topic on Internet. It’s one of the best tools available on internet for finding a blog topic. All you have to do is to provide three nouns and just click GIVE ME BLOG TOPICS, in a click of a button you will get list of blog post ideas and you can select one from that list to write your blog post.

blog post hubspot


We hope that these idea generating tools will help you to write your blog post. If you liked these tips please share it with your friends on social media profile, so that they can get maximum benefit out of it. If you have any suggestion or want to say something you can write below in comments. You are welcome 🙂



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