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How to Fix The WordPress White Screen of Death Error

WordPress white screen of death is a very common error in WordPress. If you are using WordPress for a long time, then it is might possible that you have came across such error. This is one of the most frustrating errors of WordPress in which there is no any obvious clue or hint to fix it.

Where White Screen of Death Appears?

It usually appears in the following ways

  • This may appear on Admin side and whole site works fine
  • It can also appear on a specific page
  • You can see it on both admin side and user view of your website

So the last point the is worst condition when you have no idea about the error at all.

Why White Screen of Death Appears on my website?

WordPress white screen of death error

There can be many other reasons of white screen of death error, but the common reason is that you have exhausted the memory limit. That can happen in following scenarios:

  1. You have installed a corrupted plugin
  2. You are using a bad coded theme on your website
  3. There is a database connection problem
  4. So plugin update is interrupted  

How to fix white screen of death?

There are following ways you can fix this error:

Disable all the Plugins

You can troubleshoot this error by disabling all the plugins of your website. If the error get fixed then enable all the plugins and start to disable one by one to find the corrupted one.

WordPress white screen of death error

You can disable all the plugins of your website by accessing you web host c panel directory, where your all site files are stored. You can navigate to the website folder e.g. topnewsage/wp-content/plugins, now rename the plugins folder with any of your choice e.g. pluginsOld.

Replace your current theme with default theme

If all the plugin disabling does not fixes the error, then it might be possible that your theme have some problems. You have to replace it with the default theme of WordPress. You can do this by navigating to the themes directory from your web hosting c panel e.g. topnewsage/wp-content/themes/mycurrenttheme.

WordPress white screen of death error

Now rename mycurrenttheme with any name e.g. mycurrentthemeOld. Now you will be able to access your WordPress admin dashboard. There would be a notification that mycurrenttheme could not be found and revert back to default theme. Then you simply have to reload your website and everything will be fine.

Resolve the database connection issue

WordPress white screen of death error

If the problem is due to the database connection. You simple have to open your wp-config.php file from your WordPress directory. You have to recheck your database name, hostname and password. If any of the parameters is wrongly entered, just fix that and you are all done!


So this is all about the White Screen of Death Error and it fixation guide. Drop your valuable suggestions and feedback in  the comment box and share with your friends to save them from this annoying error.

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Codi Countee
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