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How to get 1000 unique free twitter followers a day

Get unique free twitter followers


Twitter is a social media that most of you already know. Obviously you know twitter if you are reading this post. You just tweet in twitter like you post in facebook. People follow you in twitter to see what are you tweeting and then they have a option to retweet. That’s how twitter works. So everyone is hungry for followers and it’s not easy to get followers even if you are good or your content is good.

Before getting free twitter followers, you need to understand few things. If you try some site that uses bots to give you followers is just a waste.

Why using bot sites is not good?

You will get free twitter followers very easily using bot sites. But mostly these fake followers don’t do any magic as they are not original accounts. Twitter can remove these and you will lose all the followers.

What is bot?

Bot is just a computer program/software that act as a regular human account using different I.P’s and fake account data. You can get many followers through such program but as described above these are of no use. They are not going to view your tweet and eventually you will get no retweets. So your purpose of getting followers will be multiplied by zero.

Now the safe method(For getting original free followers):

Social exchange sites. Only possible way is, if actual account holder follow you.  They don’t follow you for free, means you have to follow them back. By following one person you get a follower. You don’t have to request anybody. Everyone on such sites are looking for exchange.

There are number of sites that provide social exchange. If you follow a account you will get points for following that account let’s say 50 points for one account. When someone follows you they minus given points. You can easily make few hundred free followers a day. You have to put some efforts.

Tested Site:

We tested a site for this post named as traffup.net. You just have to sign up with the same email account as of your twitter. Rest is very easy.


Love, peace, respect and unity.

If you have some trusted method you can share with us and help others. You comments and suggestion are welcome.

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8 months 21 days ago

I just came back here to comment about this article, It actually worked. Thank you so much for writing this article. Keep writing please.