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How to Extend Android Battery Life?

Now a day everyone has the android device and wants to enjoy its features without charging them as long as possible. So here the Extend Android Battery Life discussion arises and everyone wants to know that how to extend android battery life? Well you can find numerous ways to extend the android battery life. Most of the time you say that it does not fit with my android device because there is a huge variety of phones in the market.

So I’ll strongly suggest you to read all the tips carefully and test them with your device. If you feel some improvements in the battery life than keep using this likewise or you can discard it and try other.

 Android Batteries Background

Before going into tips to extend the battery life let’s first discuss a bit about the android batteries background. Most of the android devices have Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer batteries. In fact, both are Lithium-ion, and those don’t have a “memory”—which means that these can be charged from any level you want. So it is not necessary to charge them after fully discharging or charge them all the way to 100 percent. These types of batteries don’t perform good in low voltage, so it is better to partially charge them e.g. from 20% to 90%.

So enough of the background let’s move to some useful tips to extend android battery life so you can play the games like Pokémon Go with complete leisure!

Black Wallpaper can extend android battery life

It is for only AMOLED screen android phones (mostly Samsung devices). You can use a dark black color a wallpaper to extend your phone’s battery life. The AMOLED screens only illuminate the colored pixels, as the black pixel are considered to be dark and they are not illuminated which consumes less battery.

Turn off OK Google listener (Google Hotwords)

Google’s OK voice searching is an amazing feature, but it can turn into worst if you use it occasionally but turn it on all the time.

You can turn it off by navigating to the Google Settings > Voice Heading > OK Google detection, now untick all the options to make it fully un functional. But if you only want it to work while using Google app, then only untick the “Google App” box.

Auto Brightness Consumes More Battery than Manual

Auto brightness may sound useful that you don’t have to manually adjust the screen brightness, but actually it is one of the main reason for low battery life. Auto brightness bright the screen, which is usually more than our need. So it is better to adjust it manually according to the level needed. As the screen is one the biggest battery drainer, so this setting helps a lot to deal with it.

Stop Vibration and Haptic Feedback to Extend Android Battery

Turn off the vibration on incoming calls. Only use them when you really need them, because they waste more battery than the ring tone. Haptic feedback (vibration on keypad typing) is also a battery drainer.


Set Schedule for “Don’t Disturb” or “Sleep” timings

You can personalize your profile settings, so when you are at work or just no need of phone, you can easily switch to Don’t Disturb Mode. This mode can have the functionalities like wifi off, mobile data off, no vibrate and no calling at all etc.

You can also set your phone to airplane mode while you are sleeping. There are numerous applications in Google Play Store where you can schedule your phone to act in a specific way on a specific time interval.

So following are some extra tips to extend android battery life

  • Use Dose feature in Marshmallow update
  • Keep apps up to date
  • Turn off location services
  • Get rid of unnecessary widget (e.g. Weather updates etc.)
  • Use the battery saving mode in your phone
  • Analyze your phone’s power consumption pattern to better understand it
  • Disable auto app sync features
  • Limit the apps in the background
  • Don’t use animated screensavers and wallpapers
  • Keep it in moderate temperature

So these are all the feature in my knowledge and I hope you people must feel improvement in you android’s battery life after applying them. So if you have any confusion in understanding any of the above mentioned tip, you can comment your query below and will be solved as soon as possible. If you have any other tip than the aforementioned then you can share with us in comments as well.

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