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How to make a blog

Make a Blog

make a blog

We will explain how to make a blog in questions form. So that you can skip directly to your question.

What is Blog?

Blog is just like a regular website on internet. You just update your blog with content that help people. In blog you do posts mostly on daily basis. Most of the blogs have some purpose. Some are just to make money or wants to make their name. Few actually wants to help other community. You should not make a blog without any purpose.

Where to start?

You can make a blog just by having a domain name and hosting service.

Domain-name: domain name is just what you write in url to access any website on internet. e.g. topnewsage.com, yahoo.com, google.com. Registration of domain is provided online by different companies, you have to pay on yearly basis.

Hosting service: hosting services are provided by different companies where you upload your website/blog. It’s just a space on their computer. They make computer servers and provide you space to upload your content on their computer server. They charge money from you. You have to pay on monthly or yearly basis. They provide you different packages.

How to decide category of your blog ?

IT’s actually very simple. Suppose you know programming, write articles related to programming. If you are designer, make something related to design or you do business, write about business.

Problem: If i do nothing ? 😀 

make a blog Happy boy

Don’t worry, you can still make a blog about something commonly you do in your home. Game,movie reviews. How to play games or anything you know about that can help people of your interest. Just find out.

How to make a blog (development/design) ?

For making a blog you have to hire a developer if you don’t have any knowledge about making a blog. Here is link to one of the top developers profile: HireHim. Or you can create by watching youtube tutorials using wordpress or any other famous tool for creating your blog. If you think you don’t have time or know nothing about web development. Don’t wast time just hire the developer.


How to Select Domain/hosting services?

It depends upon money you have in your pocket to pay your bills. We suggest you cheapest possible with good results.

For purchasing domain name Namecheap is the cheapest. They provide you domain names for 0.88/year.

Hosting services : Interserver is good hosting service as they provide 5$/month for unlimited storage and other things.


You are good to go for making a blog. If you have any question feel free to ask in comments. Share this on your social profiles with your friends to help them.

Love, peace, respect and unity 🙂

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