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How to do SEO of blog post

seo of blog

 SEO of blog Post

SEO( Search engine optimization ): SEO of blog post is basically making your post on top in search engines ranking. When someone types the keyword related to your post, instead of showing others first it should show your website.

Like you are currently reading this article is just because of SEO of this article. Now the question is how to do it?


There is no hard and fast rule for you to be on top from others. You have to try different things to make your post on top. We will discuss as many as possible to help you out of not getting enough traffic on your post.

Tip 1:

seo of blog

Good content writing skills matters a lot in this process. Search engines can check through different algorithm about how poor or good your content is written. So make sure you don’t have any grammatically, spellings mistakes in your article.


Tip 2:

seo of blog

Length of article should be at least 300 words. But it’s good to have 600 words count minimum, It shows that your article is explained better then others about what so ever the topic you have written.

Tip 3:

seo of blog focus words

It should contain focus word. And you should use focus words used many time in your article. For example this current article contains focus words as ‘seo of blog’. We have used these words many time in post.

Tip 4:


You must have meta description for your post else search engine will show starting of your article in description. Those starting lines are not always best to describe your post.

Tip 5:

seo of blog social tree

Create accounts on Facebook. Facebook is very great source of taking people to your article. It can really boost your article and can help in seo of blog. Also create accounts on all famous social media websites like twitter, snap chat, Instagram etc and share your post on all these.

Tip 6:

seo of blog reddit

Reddit, if you don’t know about reddit just give it a try. On reddit you have to share articles with communities just like facebook groups. But communities on reddit are 8, 9 years old and with millions of people in different sub reddits(groups). It is actually to help people to share good articles for others members of community. If you get enough upvotes on your post shared on reddit and people are interested in your shared article, believe it or not you will get many shares of your post and comments on your post. Your server can crash as you can not handle enough traffic coming directly from reddit.

Tip 7:

seo of blog

Always write according to people’s interest. This is the most common mistake people do and start writing about how they feel about things and neglect the readers. Never write about how you feel. You can share your feeling but on other medium like Youtube. Where people can actually see who is talking, and get exact feel and vibe of your communication.

Tip 8:

seo of post

Don’t waste your time for writing random post without any purpose or meaning. Always try to find something new and unique. Prefer your own field or expertise for writing article.

Tip 9:


Use images in your post to make it look interesting. You can easily get free images from different websites. Use images that are allowed to use commercially. Sites that provide free images are flicker.com, Pixabay and you can google for more.


That’s all for now. These tips surely help you to boost your post. Please share this with your friends to help them. Share your thoughts or if you have suggestions for us in comments section.

You guys are always welcome.

Love, Respect, Peace and unity 🙂

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