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How to make money with mobile apps

Use of mobile apps is increasing exponentially. In order to meet the users demand, mobile apps developers are also increasing day by day. Most of the users have interest in using free mobile applications. The developers also want to get paid for their efforts , time and ideas. In order to make a win win situation for both sides, different ways are available, through which users and the developers can be satisfied.

I’ll tell you the simple ways through which as a mobile apps developer , you can generate handsome revenue.

Ways to make money with Mobile Apps:

There are different ways, but we focus on simple and easiest ways:

Through Versioning :

Developers can use this versioning concept to generate revenue from mobile apps. Versioning is basically generating different versions of same application i.e Lite, Pro.  Lite version is free, and it have all the basic functionality of that application while the pro version should have all the extra and important functionalities. Lite version will automatically the enhance the marketing of application. People will download this version free of cost and get used to the application. Pro version will helpful in generating revenue by the users who want to get all functionality.

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Source Credit : wikimedia.org

Through Adds /Banners:

The other way is to make single version of the mobile apps. It’ll provide all the facilities to the user. But in this case your earning would be based on banners and adds. Banners / adds are basically provided by multinational companies those want to market their products. Usually this is consider as a slow way of earning if your application is not getting used or download by the users.

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Source Credit : wikimedia.org


Through direct selling :

Developers usually make a product and sell it directly to the third party with its copyrights. The company further market that application and use this for its own purposes. Developers have no need to worry whether the application will generate revenue or not. They had just made a product and sold it to the buyer.

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Through CPI Networks:

CPI stands for cost per install, it is basically the network of companies , that advertise apps and get approximately 3$ from the advertiser on per install of the application. Advertiser will be only charged when the user has installed the application. CPI are more reliable and beneficial than that of old methods like subscriptions services, mobile content services or dating services.  People of different business categories get benefits from these CPI networks like CPI publishers get benefits by monitoring the traffic and make advertisement of the other apps at the same time. While other affiliates and media buyers can make revenue by buy buying traffic and running campaigns.

So, using CPI networks you can make direct advertisements and can easily gets sponsorship.


Through Sponsorship:

Developers can earn revenue of free apps by getting sponsorship of different companies. This usually happens when your application has achieve a certain download limit. After that different companies do contracts of years. You can run their logo or add at the app startup for fixed period of time. In return you get paid by those companies.


The are all the simplest and easiest way of earning money in my opinion. Hope you guys will like this. If you find this article useful, share it with others as well 🙂




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