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How to make money by doing nothing[Nothing at all]

Make money by doing nothing

If you are lazy person and love to sit on tv couch all the day and still want to make money this piece of information is just for you. For finding your way out of making money you have to look at things people do to make a living.

Generation Pass on work:

make money by doing nothing


This type of work is simple to understand, If someone’s father is farmer is can end up being a former. If somebody is barber his son can be a barber or cook or whatever it’s easy. They already have a business or setup you just have to manage.


make money by doing nothing

One of the coolest ways to make money is Internet. How? right. There are many ways for example you can make your youtube channel and do stupid stuff on that like whatever you do in daily like people may find it interesting and you end up making a lot of money from Google’s adsense program on youtube. Or you make a blog of your interest and start writing.


make money by doing nothing

Skills matter a lot. You don’t need to be a so called professional. When you make money from any of your skill you will become a professional. Professional is simply a person who charge money for his work. What skill we are talking about ??? You are thinking you don’t have any of skill’s..! right. It might be possible that you doing a thing for fun like using Photoshop replacing peoples faces, illustrator/coral draw or any type of video editing, writing whatever everything have it’s own importance. You can sell your skills on market’s like fiverr.


Without doing anything?

If you are reading it from the top then you already know some ways to make money right. But how ?? how to make money by doing nothing…! 

Sorry, That is not possible my friend. The purpose of this article is just to inform you that you have to do something in this world for leaving just do what you love to do. You must have one thing for sure that makes you feel wow. Just find a relevant thing to your wow. It can be a job or a business of your own.


Hope you understand the intentions of writing this article.

Love, peace, unity and love.

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