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Quickly Remove wordpress plugin error

WordPress Plugin Error Fix 

Wordpress error

It will become a nightmare for you if you just open your WordPress website and see an error like this:

Wordpress error

These errors really look scary at first. Specially when you have good amount of traffic on your blog or website.

And the worst nightmare didn’t finished yet. Because Now you quickly runs towards wp-admin to fix your website.

But you heart will come out specially when you are new to wordpress. Because instead of opening login screen you will see the same error on your screen.


Why this happens ?

Because the error is in your plug-in code and you have installed it own your wordpress website. It can be a month old plugin or just newly activated plugin. If anytime the code written in plugin fails to compile. You will see the error. Because plugin is a part of your website or part of your website code.

If any programmatic or coding  mistake happens in anywhere in your website code. Your website will be down and server display error instead of your website’s home page.


Don’t worry you can fix this

wordpress Happy boy

Simply open your hosting account. Where your website is being hosted. Mostly on godaddy, bluehost, hostgator or any other that you have chosen for your website. All these hosting services provide you an portal where you upload your website. Open that and login to it.

You will see bunch of options on your account. Find file manager/similar option from those options. When you click on file manager you will see your wordpress website on root folder of your website. Somewhat like this.

wordpress on server



Just follow the path given in error. Like in our example it’s wp-content\plugins\cricket-live-score\cricket-loading.php on line 13 . Forget about the line number just go to folder cricket-live-score. It is the name of plugin.

When you reach the plugin’s folder select the plugin which is giving you error. In our case it is cricket-live-score.

Just select and remove this folder and reload your website and error is gone now 🙂 .


How to avoid such wordpress errors?

Rule is simple, Do not try any new plugin if you can’t handle it yourself. Always install high rated plugins and read the reviews from people on that plugin. It should have good number of downloads.

If you have any problem related to this just feel free and ask you questions in comments.

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