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Which techniques should I apply to search Google effectively?

We all search Google on daily basis for different purposes. A student will search Google to get help in completion of homework or assignments. A PHD might search Google for research purposes and many people out there can search Google for entertainment and the stuff they are interested in.

I did not search for that!!

But, why that is happens when you search for some information in Google but you get something very different than you really expect to come in search results? Well, don’t worry you will learn something very helpful in this article, which will completely change your searching experience in the Google. You will most likely get the information you really want from Google.

The following are the most effective techniques for search Google to get exactly what you really want to search for.

  1. Use Google Tabs

You can refine your search just by navigating to the tab of your interest. Just below the Google search bar you can find different tabs e.g. Web, Images, Videos and News etc. While in images tab you can have some extra tools related to the image sizes with different variations.

  1. Use keyword in Quotes

When you write a keyword in Google search bar, the Google returns the results related to different combinations of keyword. So if you want to search for the exact keyword, then you have write that keyword in “Quotes”. For example if you search “Google Search Tips” Google will find the exact keyword in the order it is written.

  1. Exclude specific words using Hyphen (-)

If you want to exclude any word from your search then you can skip that word using hyphen. For example you want to search for SONY company products except the LED’s made by SONY, you should write as follow:

Sony –LED in the Google search bar.

  1. Search specific site using Colon (:)

If you want to search the information or any news only from a specific website, you can do this using the colon operator. For example if you want to search for Cricket Updates from espncricinfo.com, you can do this using below syntax:

Cricket Updates site:espncricinfo.com

  1. Search Google using image

You have a picture of someone famous but don’t remember the name, you can upload the image in Google and can find out, who is in the picture?

  • Navigate to the Image tab in the Google
  • Hover over the Google search bar and click on camera icon
  • Now browse picture from you PC
  • Google will show back the related results to you
  1. Avoid Punctuation symbols and common words

Don’t use the common words like is and the, these are known as “stop words” in Google. They are not usually considered while searching in Google, except some special conditions like you use “is” within quotes.


  1. Find related websites of your Favorite website

Do you have a favorite website? Do you visit is every day? You want to find some more websites like your favorite one? You can do this just by following the syntax given below:


From the above search query, the Google will provide you all the other search engines like Google.

So we hope you found the above techniques quite helpful and want to use them in future for better search experience in Google. If you like this then don’t forget to share it with others. If you have any questions, you can comment below and will have the answer as soon as possible.

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