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Get more from Skype using simple Tips & Tricks

Well guys, in my previous article , I had told you how to open multiple skype Id’s through different ways. Today, I will tell you some simple and useful tricks that you can do with the skype.

Sometimes a single skype Id is logged into multiple devices. For example, you’re in office , you have logged in your skype Id at office’s computer. You have done your task and left the office. You forgot to logout your id from the office computer.  This can cause a trouble for you. It might be possible that someone using that computer accesses your account and do some manipulations. Sometimes you don’t even know that at how many devices you have logged in.

So I’m going to tell you the simple solutions of these problem.

Check Online Status of Skype on Multiple devices:

In order to check , at how many devices you are currently logged in.

Just logged into you skype account.

click on any of your contact or general message box.

Type  /showplaces and press send.



Currently I’m logged into two devices, one on windows and other on Mobile so this result has shown



You can see in results it is shown that “You have 2 online Endpoints

1. Windows Skype

2. IOS Skype

as I am logged in from windows and Iphone.

Remote Logout Skype From Multiple devices:

At the starting I have quoted an office scenario as an example. So you can relate this to any of the related scenario. If this has happened. You can easily logout to your remotely logged in account.

Just logged into you skype account.

click on any of your contact or general message box.

Type /remotelogout

When you type /remotelogout in the message box and press send , you would not receive any notification in return. You will see the effect on other devices. You can do this from your mobile device as well. Lets suppose in Office scenario, you forgot to logout and you were in hurry. You simply logged into your mobile device and type this command. Your account will be automatically logout from all the devices except that of which you are typing this command.

In this ways you can control your all logged in devices.

Hope you guys have got these simple tricks. If you find this article useful, share this with others as well.

Have fun 🙂


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