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How to Speed Up Android Phone for Better Performance?

People usually search on the internet that how they can boost up the speed of their android phone or how to speed up android phones. But they end up finding some unauthentic information regarding this situation. They usually find some applications on Google Play Store to boost up their android phone, but those apps itself could cause performance issues. So better solution is to solve this issue without even installing any third party applications.

In this tutorial I will be teaching you that how can you speed up android phone by disabling animations. These animations are keeps on updating when you update your android version and consumes even more resources then the previous version. So if your phone does not possess such high hardware resources, then you are in trouble. So if you want the solution of this problem then you are at the right place. Just follow my steps given below and you will notice a real difference after completing this simple tutorial.

Step#1: Enable Developer Option

You can enable developer options in your android by navigating to Settings>About Phone and then in the bottom tapping the Build Number 5 times. Now a message will be shown like this “You are now a developer!”.

Speed Up Android Build Number

Now you will find a new option in the settings section labeled as “Developer Options”.

Speed Up Android Developer Option

Step#2: Turn on the developer section

You can turn on the developer section by navigating to the Settings>Developer Options and by sliding the toggle button at the top to turn it On.

Speed Up Android Developer Option

Speed Up Android Developer Option

When you slide this toggle button a small box will pop up asking for “Allow development settings?”. You simple have to tap on OK button to make changes. This will enable all the settings under developer option.

Speed Up Android Developer Option

Step#3: Turn off the Android Animations

Now you will find the options labeled as “Windows animation scale”, “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”.

Speed Up Android Developer Option

You have to turn all of them Off to speed up android phone.

Speed Up Android Developer Option

This will probably solve the speed issue of your android device and make it faster than it was before. But if the changes still took an effect on your android device performance then you have to follow the Step#4 as well to take these changes effect.

Step#4: Restart Android Launcher

You can restart your android launcher by navigating to the Settings>Apps and then choose your android launcher and FORCE STOP it. Now you tap on your android home button, it will relaunch the Android Launcher.

Now you will see a prominent difference in your android performance after following the above given steps.

Hope you’ll find this article helpful in improving your android performance. So don’t forget to give your valuable feedback and suggestions in comments below.

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