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Google launched “Allo Chat” , an artificially intelligent App

Google has introduced a smart app named “Allo Chat”. It will act as an intercessor in mobile conversation making the chat interactive and smart. Google has launched it just after the apple has updated its message application in its updated version IOS 10.

Idea behind Allo Chat:

The basic idea is to make the chat flow consistent. User have no need to switch to other apps while using this. This app will suggest smart replies related to your conversation. Moreover, it will also share the weathers, news and other updates with you. Allo Chat will not shy to intervene in your conversation

Smart Replies:

The smart replies like if your friend has typed he has planned for Italian Food. This app will prompt a bubble having suggestion of Italian Food restaurants nearby. You can see the routes, opening hours and rating of those restaurants. In this way it will help you to plan for your party while staying in the application. Reservations aren’t included yet, though Google is thinking about it to involve third party to add reservations plans for dinning as well as take away plans.


Smart Suggestion:

Moreover, this application will remember your shortcuts that you usually used in your conversation like “thx” for thank you or “u” instead of you. Apple has also offered this similar thing in its smart watches but not in phones or tablets.

Additionally, Allo Chat is smart enough to give the suggestion of images that are related to your text. Like you’re typing “beautiful smile” it will show you the smiling face pictures. Similarly if you’re typing delicious food, it will again show you the yummy food pictures.  Remember that this is a software so its suggestion would not always make sense. But obviously you’re free to type your own custom response. If Allo Chat response is genuine then it will surely make your friend surprising.


Personal Assistant:

Allo Chat will also give you the personal assistant as you’re typing some place name like Houston it will guide you the path as well as distance to your current location. Similarly you type weather, it will show you the weather conditions of your location. In this way it will act as a personal assistant for you.

Apple message application does call forth Siri Virtual Assistant while chatting but it has already offered third party apps for the different reservations.


Allo chat has made intelligent but it doesn’t meet to such extent as Google other features does. Like if your friend asks your birthday, Allo would suggest you your birthday even it is saved in your calendar. So it’s still has some limitation but it is good enough to give a breakthrough in the mobile market. Unlike apple’s message app, Google app will works on IPhone as well as android.

Click here to download application.

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