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Should i buy iphone or android ? [Solved]

Should I buy iPhone or Android


Today we are going to discuss very famous fight. Should i buy Iphone or android.  If you are lover of android you have your own stories to justify that you can do a lot of things with android that apple people can not do. And honestly you don’t know any of those things that you wanted to do with android. but if you love Apple you will say east or west apple is the best. Apple have done that, Apple is that,  Apple is coolest company. Apple is Apple.

What to do?

Should i buy Iphone or android

Let’s start by few words that if you are rich and don’t want to take yourself into trouble just buy an Iphone 7, Iphone 8 or 22 whatever you have in market as you have money doesn’t matter for you to think. They make good phones just they charge extra obviously for their brand name apple. But if you can not afford an Iphone so you have really good options and android phones are not less in any prospective. If you buy an android of good company and with good features just check peoples reviews before buying then buy your phone. Sony, Motorola, Huawei and bla bla. They all are very good companies and you can trust them and buy their phone.

Simple Rule


Obviously if you pay less you will get less rule is simple and straight. So stop fighting who is best just buy a phone that can fulfill your needs. If you just want to make calls and text messages you don’t need any expansive phone just buy a regular one.

If you love features  buy a phone with a lot of features and so on. Don’t make it complex for yourself. It’s very easy to decide. Suppose if you have money and still hate iphone. It’s totally fine just buy any brand of phone that you like.

Hope you liked it.


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