Opera Free VPN Provides Internet Privacy

Opera Free VPN Service

Opera free VPN is now in the market. Opera has launched new update, Opera 40 which contains a built in VPN (Virtual Private Network). They has also launched beta version of VPN 5 months before the official version launch of Opera 40. After evaluating the beta version usage, Opera free VPN …

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One of the highest profiles Hollywood marriage is ended


One of the highest profiles Hollywood Stars marriage is ended. Hollywood global awarded actress and film maker Jolie  filed for divorce against Brad Pitt. On Monday, Angelina Jolie filed legal documents for divorce from husband mentioning irresoluble differences. She stated their date of separation as September 15. Source Credit : publicdomainpictures.net …

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Should i buy iphone or android ? [Solved]


Should I buy iPhone or Android   Today we are going to discuss very famous fight. Should i buy Iphone or android.  If you are lover of android you have your own stories to justify that you can do a lot of things with android that apple people can not …

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How to make online logo free


Make online logo So, how can you make online logo. It’s Actually very simple you don’t have to be an expert of anything. You just need you company name and tag-line. If you don’t have tag-line doesn’t matter. Caution : If you are a professional company or business don’t think about …

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