How to find topic for your blog post


Writing a blog post Sometime, it’s very difficult for people to find topic for your blog post. If your blog is about a particular thing you get into trouble for writing a good article that help other people. It feels like you have written about everything. But the world never …

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How to make a blog

make a blog

Make a Blog We will explain how to make a blog in questions form. So that you can skip directly to your question. What is Blog? Blog is just like a regular website on internet. You just update your blog with content that help people. In blog you do posts …

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Whatsapp has introduced End-to-End Encryption


Whatsapp Messenger: Whatsapp Messenger is basically a smartphone application which uses internet to send messages, images, user location, audios, videos and documents to the user stander cellular number. It was founded in February 2009, approximately 7 years ago. It is American based company located at Mountain View, California, United States. …

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Google duo video calling app


Google duo Smart phone application Google Duo, simple video calling smart phone application that brings you face to face with all the people that you love. Google recently lunches Google duo. There are more then 50 million downloads of this app in few days. People are really loving this app as …

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