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How to Integrate PayPal in Asp.Net Applications


Paypal is an American based online payments processing company. It has worldwide online payment processing system. Online payments system just act as an alternative to traditional Money orders or cheque system. Paypal is normally used for international transactions. For the domestic transactions there are others ways as well.

PayPal Services:

PayPal provides the complete and detailed guide to the developers to use its services. Paypal offers multiple services for getting payments from different resources. These services includes PaymentsButtons, Britnee V.zero , ExpressCheckOut, Payments RestAPI and many more. PayPal has different services for mobile as well as web. You can get the complete guide from https://developer.paypal.com/docs/ .


I’ll tell you the simplest and easiest way to integrate the Paypal Button to your web application to accepts the payments from anywhere. This the simple method by which you just add payment buttons in to your blog, forum or any other place. These buttons are usually used to get donations or selling a single product or at a very small cooperation.

Following things you have:

A. A sandbox account or Paypal account.

B. Sandbox Merchant Account.

C. Sand Box business Account.

Note: B and C options are for the test transactions on your test Applications.

After creating these now we move further.


After creating a sandbox test account at  https://developer.paypal.com/developer/accounts/create

Logged into  https://www.sandbox.paypal.com. Put your sandbox credential.

you will be directed to


This screen will be shown, I have blurred my credentials, just showing the way how to create new button after creating sandbox accounts.

Now tap the Merchant services, that are shown in red mark and  you’ll be directed to this page


After that you select the “Create Payment buttons for your website and you’ll be directed to


Tap on “create new button” shown at the right corner of the screen, you’ll be directed to


Now here you can choose the text that will be appear in your button. This is basically choosing a purpose of your Paypal payments. I’m choosing Buy Now in my explanation.

  1. Enter the payment that you want to receive at every click of this button.
  2. Type Item Name
  3. Item Id(optional)
  4. You can customize the button as well , if you have multiple options at the that price.
  5. Can add tax (optional)
  6. Add Shipping cost(optional)


Leave the other steps for the sake of convenience and finally click Create. You’ll be directed to this


Finally click on Select code and copy it or (tap ctrl+C from keyboard).

Now Open Visual Studio and Click File->new->Project


For the sake of simplicity I’m doing this in aspx webForms


After that Add webform to the project, and paste that code that you have copied from paypal


Run the code in the browser you have , I’m running this in Google chrome. After executing it will go to


The button that you have created in PayPal account will be shown after running the code. Now Press this button for the Payment Processing. you will be directed to paypal test site for the trasaction.


Now you login here with you sandbox Merchant account that you have created earlier.

your order summary has been shown in the right corner. After successful login through your Merchant account

you’ll be directed to


Now, at the end your shipping address of merchant account will be shown here, if it is not correct that you can change this as well. After verification of the data you will finally completed your transaction by clicking on Pay Now


Finally you have successfully placed your order.

Hope you guys will follow all the steps , and get you task fulfilled, If you find this article useful , share it with others as well 🙂




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