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Want to learn coding-programming. Where do i start?



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First thing you need to know as absolute beginner what is programming ? and what’s the difference between programming and coding ? and what is computer science .

Let’s answer these one by one

Computer science: Is a top field of study related to computers which includes study of programming, artificial intelligence, computer networking, maths etc.

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Programming/coding: Both are exactly the same. Just modernly programming is called as coding.


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Still you can have question like what programming/coding is ?

Programming or coding is way to communicate with computers and instruct them what to do. You become like a boss to your computer and order with the help of computer understandable languages(c,c++,c#,php etc). Like humans understand English and many other same goes for computer.

Computers are dummies. They do exactly you told them to do even if it’s logically incorrect. Because computers are trained to follow your command. They don’t have free will like we humans.

Now as you know bit of  background. Let’s jumps towards language details and where to start? .

For getting core concepts of programming it’s good to start with low level language. Actually computer languages have levels (high-low level) .

HighLevel: Easily understandable by humans. Languages that uses human terms, alphabets for writing code(computer instructions).

lowlevel: difficult for humans to understand but good for machine. Because computer machines understand only binary [ Format consists of Zeros (00) & Ones (111) ] .

Start with c/c++ : These languages are not that much low you don’t have to write code in zero’s or one’s. It’s very basic language that helps you to learn and understand programming concepts quickly. Take sometime and create small applications in c. Then move to higher level java or c#.

In-Higher level: It’s very easy to code. If you have strong basic concepts from language like you can create things quickly.

Now what ?

Now, It’s time to decide you want to become a Android developer ,Web developer , Ios developer,Desktop developer any field you like. You can switch after sometime to each field when you are an expert of languages.

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If you have any questions in mind you are most welcome :).

Comment below and ask whatever you want or share anything that you have in mind for us.

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11 months 13 days ago

I know basic java what should I do to get a good job. Should I go for android ?

10 months 27 days ago

Thank you so much for your help 🙂

10 months 27 days ago

Man you saved me…! Thanks