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Google Chrome 53 update going to block flash content from your website

Google chrome 53 update is going to block the flash content in September. Till now the flash content has been the essential part of many websites. But along with its benefits it also has some drawback such as lag in performance while loading the webpage. This is because the flash content kept loading behind the scene for supporting things like page analytics. It also has proved to be a source for many security vulnerability to gain unrestricted access to user’s private information.

Now as the HTML5 can take place of Flash by providing the same functionality with better performance. It also works for mobile devices. So that’s why the Google decides to block all the invisible and behind the scene Flash content from Google Chrome in its chrome 53 update. And chrome 53 is going to be released in September 2016.

This is not the first time Google is taking action about the Flash content. In Chrome 52 it made all the Flash content to “click to play”. Google stated that it will be very beneficial for all the web surfers to have a great web browsing experience. If you are using laptop then Flash can also consume power to drop the battery lifetime.

Google decides to take further actions in Chrome 55 to make HTML5 default over the Flash for all the websites. But except some website those are only using Flash like Facebook, Yahoo and twitch among other different websites. When user will visit the website those only rely on Flash content Google Chrome will prompt the user if he/she wants to allow it.

As the world’s most power browser considering to block all the Flash content from the websites, so the multimedia technologies are having a great threat they might be dead in next couple of years.


How the smaller Flash content is detectable?

Intersection Observer API

As in the previous Chrome 52 only the specific Flash objects were detectable having a certain size limit. But in the updated Chrome 53 even the smallest Flash objects are detectable by using the Intersection Observer API.

Actually it is not only the Google Chrome which is phasing out the Flash objects but the Firefox also added some functionality in its Firefox 48 update to make certain Flash content to “click to play” and all the Flash content will be blocked in 2017.

Microsoft is also giving up on Flash as in Windows 10 anniversary update the Edge browser is showing “click to play” for some of Flash content.

Apple is also planning to completely block all the Flash content along with QuickTime, Java and Silverlight from Safari 10. Apple is doing for the sake of providing the more improved web browsing experience all over the globe. The Flash plug-in proved to be quite challenging while demanding a lot of repairs to patch up a stream of security loop holes.

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