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Effects of Computer Screen on Human Eyes

In this era of modern technology, where the usage of computers is become a habit of every person. Besides development or some office work on computer, a common man tend to use it daily for entertainment purposes. This ultimately effects eyes. The rays emitted from a screen ultimately puts stress on eyes. Different researches have shown that almost 60-80 percent of people who work at computers have some symptoms of eye disease.

Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS):

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition that occurs due to excessive and uninterrupted  use of digital screen. It’s not only restricted to adults or a person who works for computer, it also effects the kids who used to play games on digital screens. In this modern age, kids who used to study on computer or digital screen might have this problem. The stress on eyes gets increased when the light in the surround and position of the screen relative to eyes is not ideal.

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Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS):

A person suffering from computer vision syndrome may have one of these symptoms

  1. Stress on Eyes
  2. Pain in neck
  3. Dryness in eyes
  4. Blurriness
  5. Redness of Eyes
  6. Fatigue

The use of computer after the age of 40 become more difficult. Because as you grow older, flexibility in the lens of eyes gets decreases and ultimately ability to focus on things gets diminish. So, the effects of this syndrome become prominent after the age of 40. At this stage there are more chances of presbyopia. In presbyopia , person usually can’t distinguish between near and far objects.

If these symptoms persists then it will have serious effects on your professional as well as normal life.

How Computer Screen effects Eyes:

When you’re working on a computer, you usually have some time scroll down the screen and sometime scroll up. In this situation your eyes are continuously following the screen, its movement, in order to create a perfect image in brain. You are focusing on something at the right side and sometime on the left side and vice versa. This rigorous movements of eye muscle put strain on the eyes. Besides these quick movement, screen contrast, brightness, and flickers also putting stain on eye lens. If the external light and screen brightness are not adjusted ideally , it results into more damage.

Tips to avoid the Computer Vision Syndrome:

As use of computer in this modern era can’t be compromised but by following some precautionary measure the effect of CVS can be minimized.

  1. Put the screen at the distance of 20-25 inches away from the face.
  2. Use table lamp with shades so that light gets equally distributed.
  3. Take a break after every 20 minutes , instead on uninterrupted work at screen.
  4. Adjust Screen brightness at a level that puts less stress on eyes.
  5. Try to blink at regular intervals to avoid dryness.
  6. For eye freshness, see the natural green beauty like plants, green belts etc.

If you’re not getting normal by following these precautions, then you had better to consult a doctor.

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