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68 Million users Credentials Get Compromised , Dropbox

Dropbox Application:

An American file hosting company Dropbox has been serving as a cloud storage, File synchronization and personal cloud since 2007. It is headquartered San Francisco California. It was basically the startup project of MIT students  Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi in 2007.  Now, it is available in almost all operating system including android, blackberry, IOS, Linux and windows. It also has a client application which allows the user to create a special folder and share this folder to the other users. This is done by sharing the link of that folder. Client application data is automatically get synced with cloud when it gets connected to the cloud.


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Dropbox has reported on Thursday that some user IDs and password of around sixty eight million users has stolen and get leak on the internet. Dropbox indicated that it were stolen four years ago. It has recently leaked on the internet. Company said that it had no indication about the theft of its users data. It was known when the data was put on the internet.

User credentials have been posted on the internet but still company didn’t get that how all this data get invade or by whom. It still seems a question mark for the company. Though it is serving as a cloud storing company for millions of users, still it doesn’t find a loop hole in its security.

Company Apology :

On this mishap , company has apologize to its users. One of its mailed statement it was written that all the list of email addresses with hashed and salted passwords is real, however we have no indication that Dropbox user accounts have been improperly accessed. We’re very sorry this happened and would like to clear up what’s going on.

Precautions to the users:

It has also indicated by the company that this unusual activity was happen in 2012. In order to Company also said in a statement that after knowing the problem, it had been informed to its users to reset there credentials. Only those users were informed those company believed were affected by this.

This reset of credentials will give a surety to the users that if there credentials got hacked , they are no longer usable for any purpose. It is recommended that user that have joined after 2012, should update their credentials just for the security purposes.

Dropbox is currently looking into the problem and try to fix these issues. Because it has millions of users that have share their picture, videos , files and other important data to the cloud. It also offers the premium services to its users with extra space as well.

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