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Facebook launching a new “Messenger-lite” App

In the interest of better services for its users, Facebook is improving its application day by day since 2004. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook with his team are doing a remarkable efforts in this field. Few months back, Facebook had made some changes in the interface of its messenger application by adding some cool color effects in it. Moreover, it had also introduced the new smileys in it which gives the 3D and interactive effect to users.


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Recently, Facebook has decided to launch “Messenger-lite” version of its messenger app. It is for the people who use older phones that don’t have enough space to store data. Or it  have no capability to run the full-featured application due to slower internet speeds.

Initially it is being launched in the countries where the people use messenger app more and have older version of phones like Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. Initially it has the android version and company hasn’t mentioned that it will launch the IOS version or not.


There is already Facebook lite version available on the older phone in order to make use of full-fledged version of Facebook. Likewise Facebook-lite, Messenger-lite will also serve as a cut-down version of full-fledged messenger app for the simpler and older phones.

Facebook-lite allow the people to send text messages, photos and links but not the video calls. After that, it has launched the separate Messenger version for the messages. It is a full-fledged application that allows to make text, send photos, links as well as has an option of video call.

Facebook is already providing the mobile web-version service for messaging on the mobiles. It is not as much user friendly as the messenger app. Facebook is ending this option too so that messenger will be the only option left for the users.

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