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Facebook is building a PC gaming platform in collaboration with Unity

Facebook has joined hands with Unity to build its whole new Facebook PC gaming platform for all its users. This platform will allow the Android and iOS developers to port their games in it to extend their gaming business to Facebook users. Game developers can apply before 31st August 2016 to use the closed alpha Unity 5.4.

Facebook has formally stated that it will join hands with Unity game engine to build their standalone PC gaming platform. This functionality is made available in closed alpha Unity 5.4. This will allow the limited number of game developers to develop games on this platform. The last date for developers to apply is 31st August 2016.

Most of the games of Facebook are powered by Unity, it means it’s not the first time that they are collaborating to each other. Although Facebook has earned a lot from its social media gaming platform. But now Facebook wants to extend the user’s experience to the PC games, which can be downloaded on PC. This will keep the users undistracted from the news feeds and ads those were quite disturbing while playing games online.

Facebook PC gaming platform will also allow the Android and iOS developers to port their games in it. This will allow the desktop version of Android and iOS games to utilize the hardware resources for better gaming experience ever. Facebook can also extend this platform to support more heavy games which will eventually put it in competition with gaming giants.

In the past the game developers find it quite difficult to port their games into Facebook’s online gaming platform. Facebook’s developer SDK was the main reason of this porting difficulty from Android and iOS to online gaming platform. But now it will become much simpler than ever in the PC gaming platform.

Facebook is not showing its intentions for PC gaming platform the first time. The Facebook Games Arcade is launched in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows. It not quite in sight yet that how much Facebook wants to extent this platform. Will it just keep this up to Mobile games or it goes further.

All the tech giants are curious to find out that how this platform will effect on users? So they can make their future plans to beat it. As for your information Google already launched YouTube Gaming and Microsoft purchased a Beam which allows the users to perform live interaction using screen controls.

Facebook is not concerned with the money. They already have an online gaming platform which worth in billion dollars. Facebook just want to connect people in every possible way they can to take control on their social life.

Facebook already has a big impact on our social lives. They are striving to control our digital lives in every possible way. As they already are working on it by providing free internet facility in the countries where no internet is available. They are evolving in every aspect of our social life as they introduced live streaming and video sharing services. And now through this new Facebook PC gaming platform they are going to strike in gaming industry and might have a big impact on already established gaming giants.

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