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Google Launches “Google Home”; an Amazon Echo Competitor

On Tuesday Google has officially launched Google Home which is a kind of wireless Hub. Google has introduced it as a competitor of Amazon Echo. It is an interactive, artificially intelligent personal assistant, and entertainment center.

Google Home’s design was acquired by wine glasses and candles. Its bottom casing can be changed with different colors of shells to match your furniture color. It has a sloped top, with a captivate touch display and four LEDs to provide visual feedback. In order to prevent from listening hot words there is a physical mute button at the back. You can press that button to prevent the Google home to avoid hot words. In contrast Amazon Echo design is somewhat related to canister of about 9.25-inch tall cylindrical speakers. Speakers has only black or white colors.


Google Home’s devices uses Google assistant. It will allow you to use Google 17 years search experience in a single device. You can ask the complex questions like how much carbohydrate a banana have? Or you can ask “what was the population of earth in 2001?” These type of question would stump out Amazon Echo. You can ask weather, news or Wikipedia search. Google said it will read the web pages related to your search for you. Google Assistant on Google Home is the same as your Assistant on the phone. In contrast to Google home, Amazon Echo uses its own assistant Amazon Alexa. It is capable to listen simple and basic commands like play music for you, search information, news, scores, weather etc.  


Google Home can be a control center for your entire home, because it has access to Google Assistant. It will allow you to manage your basics things like setting personal alarms and reminders. Besides these it will facilitate the users to maintain their To-do lists, notes etc. Moreover it will also provide support for the control of the popular smart appliances at home. It means you are able to control your smart lights, switches, doors etc.

At start, Google Home works with Nest, Smart-Things, Philips Hue, and IFTTT. Google Home also works as a Chrome cast receiver. It means you will be able to adjust your Nest Thermostat or Control your Philips lights via Chrome Cast to your TV. Google is planning to work with more partners so you can control more things in the home. In contrast to Google Home, the Echo can also respond to your voice commands and operate any Alexa-enabled products, such as lights, switches etc. Simply ask Alexa to switch on a lamp, turn on the fan, dim the lights, or increase the temperature. Some products work directly with Alexa while other needed the Hub.

This is a real tie in Google Home and Amazon Echo. While Google Home beats out Amazon Echo in terms of offering different colors and finishes, you can get Amazon Echo in different models. Also, Google Home is available with some great partnerships but Echo already works with many of these and has been building its devices range for a couple years. Both have its own peculiarities but the Google assistant feature stands out in Google Home.




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