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Juno, First time ever, has mark closest to Jupiter

Recently, US space agency officials said that they have got the closest view of the world largest solar system planet “Jupiter”. On Saturday, the Juno space probe of NASA was passed closest to Jupiter.

It was about 5:51 am (12:51 GMT), when Juno was swinging at a distance of 4200 kilometers of the largest planet of the solar system. It is considered to be the immediate distance ever that a space craft has covered yet. At that time, Juno was travelling at a speed of 208, 000 kilometers per hour.

Scott Bolton is one of Juno’s main Researcher, from the Southwest Research Institute which is located in San Antonio Texas. He said in one of his statement that “this is the first time when we are able to get a close-up look at the king of the solar system and begin to figure out how he works”

After completing nearly a five-year Voyage, Juno rushed close to Jupiter in an orbit. It will surely help to study the giant of solar system. When Juno was in the nearest orbit, all the instruments were turned off, so that there will be no interference in its position.


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Now, Juno will penetrating in the several layers of the Jupiter to measure the Jupiter composition as well as its environment like Magnetic Field and other factors. This Juno success will help a lot to scientist to understanding whether this planet is a gas ball or has some solid state. Is there any chances of life? If Yes! Under what circumstances it would be possible. All these analysis will be performed on the basis of measurement on Juno results.

It was also observed that the Jupiter has a huge red spot on it. It seems like there is a huge storm that has longed for thousands of years. Scientist of Juno Research Project are keen to know about this as well.

Steve Levin is the Juno project scientist from NASA´s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. He said that it was the first time that Juno able to get the pictures of some mysterious poles of the Jupiter. No other space craft has ever orbit around the Jupiter and get the picture in such a mysterious fashion.

NASA says it will release images from the flyby late next week. Although the results of the Juno will reach the Earth in several days, but it will take longer to make analysis on it. After the repeated analysis scientist would be able to draw some conclusion.

Juno has to make 35 more flings near to the Jupiter to complete his mission by the end of February 2018. So that they can get more information about the planet. After that Juno will be self-destructed by falling into Jupiter atmosphere.

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