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QuadRooter One of the biggest threat to android users reaching up to 900 Million devices

Android security threat season started and this is one of the biggest in which the number of affected devices is too high as we always talk about the worst case scenario which is up-to 900 million devices! So in this article we are going to explain each and everything about this security loop hole called as “QuadRooter”.


  • What is QuadRooter?

QuadRooter basically a collection of 4 vulnerabilities which can affect the android devices using Qualcomm chipset. If the attacker can exploit any of the four vulnerabilities from user’s device then attacker can gain root access to android device and can gain unrestricted access to sensitive personal and enterprise level information.

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The attacker can take control many different features of android device including GPS, Audio and Video recording and keylogging which periodically will send the user’s activity to the attacker.


  • Most Popular Devices using Qualcomm Chipset

Following are the most popular devices those are using Qualcomm Chipset

  1. Sonny Xperia Z Ultra
  2. One Plus 1, 2 and 3
  3. HTC One, HTC 10, HTC M9
  4. LG G4, G5 and LGV10
  5. Google Nexus 5X
  6. Blackberry


  • How an attacker can gain access to user’s device under this vulnerability?

An attacker can gain access to victim’s device by tricking the user to install malicious applications containing at least one of the 4 vulnerability. The malicious application also does not require any special permissions to install on android device which makes it easier for attacker to trick user to install QuadRooter.


  • What is the process to fix this vulnerabilities

As we know that the vulnerable drivers are installed at the time of manufacturing the chipset, so they can only be fixed if the distributor or carrier introduced the patch for these vulnerabilities. As the matter of fact the distributor and carriers are also bound to Qualcomm to provide them the updated drivers’ packs.

qualcomm chipset snapdragon

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So this is the whole process of fixing any vulnerability android face. Which is quite a long chain in case of critical security updates to pass to end users.


  • How to protect android devices from QuadRooter Vulnerabilities?

Until the carriers or distributors provide a patch to fix this vulnerability there are certain counter measures those can be helpful to protect you.

  • You should keep checking for auto updates from android which may include some fixes for vulnerability
  • Before installing any application to your android phone, please make sure to thoroughly examining it e.g. checking its reviews etc.
  • Don’t download and Install aplicatoins from source other than GooglePlay Store
  • Install some legitimate antivirus applications which scans malware periodically and while installing any new application
  • Before installing any application, read permissions and don’t install the apps which require a large amount of battery life

So this is all about the recent android security loop hole. If you find this information help full, then drop your feedback in comments below.

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