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Twitter suspended 360,000 accounts promoting terrorism in last 12 months period

Twitter suspended accounts reaching up to 360,000 in last 12 months promoting terrorism activities. As Social media is beneficial for providing the information and connecting people all over the globe. It is also battlefield for social media terrorist group like ISIS. This is the platform for them to promote their propaganda and train new people to join them in their war.

Besides other social media Twitter became the main target for terrorist to promote their campaigns. But Twitter starts to take actions against them in the last 12 months.

Earlier in 2016 Twitter started to take action and suspended 125,000 accounts promoting terrorism since the middle of 2015. But in the last 6 months twitter speeds up the action.Twitter taken down additional 235,000 accounts for violation of their policies in promoting the terrorism. So in total Twitter suspended 360,000 accounts associated to terrorism.

No Magic Algorithm to Stop these Activities:

Twitter openly admits it that fighting online extremism is not some easy task as they don’t have any magical algorithm to find out these activities and block them. Twitter’s “anti-spam tool” helped them a lot to detect these activities. Twitter users also proved to be quite helpful in this matter by reporting the suspected activities. So through both user’s and tools help to speed up the daily account suspension up to 80% since last year.

“Our work is not done,” the blog post said, adding: “Our efforts continue to drive meaningful results, including a significant shift in this type of activity off of Twitter.”

The news comes into sight when the people are holding the social media responsible to providing the platform for these type of activities. A US student who was killed in Paris attacks, his father is suing the Google, Twitter and Facebook for providing the “material support” to ISIS and other such groups on social media.

Twitter countermeasures against this terrorism activities:

In fighting terrorism activities Twitter has introduced some new features to protect their users from such acts of terrorism. Now the users will receive the notifications from the people they are following not some strangers. Twitter also provided a mute feature which allow the users to block the unwanted followers. It also allows to remove their tweets from your timeline. Twitter also introduced a “protected” account feature which will protect the user from unapproved accounts and only the approved accounts are able to view their tweets.

So this is a really bad time for such a big tech giant to go through these crises. People are suing it for the murders of their beloved ones in the past by some terrorist attacks. So let’s see that how the twitter will cope this hard time. Whether they can survive these crisis or not.

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