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Whatsapp has introduced End-to-End Encryption

Whatsapp Messenger:

Whatsapp Messenger is basically a smartphone application which uses internet to send messages, images, user location, audios, videos and documents to the user stander cellular number. It was founded in February 2009, approximately 7 years ago. It is American based company located at Mountain View, California, United States. Jan Koum and Brain Acton is the founder of this application. It is the most popular messaging application. In February 2016, it has a user base of approximately one billion. Whatsapp had introduced its web version name Whatsapp Web. In order get messages on web, the user must have the internet on it mobile. It was basically the mirror of Mobile application.


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End-to-End Encryption:

This popular messaging service had also implemented the Full End-to-End encryption on its user’s data. This is no doubt a big advancement in privacy but this may cause serious issues with law enforcement and crime control agencies. Full End-to-End encryption means that when you send a message, the only person that you send that message, can read that message. No oneWhatsapp_Encryption

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can see inside that message. Not the hackers , Cyber-criminals and not even Whatsapp itself. Encryption at one side is an important tool for the users.

In this era of technology, mostly our sensitive records get compromised or leaked by cyber-criminals or hackers. This record than used in improper way. In order to compete this, there should be a way that provide guaranteed privacy to the internet users. So Whatsapp has made this. No doubt Whatsapp will have to face number of hurdles in order to defend this. Because If the record gets permanently encrypted then the criminals can use this thing as a communication way. So this will cause a serious problem to the security agencies to get the record of suspect.


Conflicts with Law Enforcement Agencies

Reporters say WhatsApp now has get involved in court battle due to introduction of this technique. Moreover, according to some reports Whatsapp and other mobile application “telegram” was used in Paris attack in November. There was approximately 130 casualties. Such type of incidents often happen like Apple IPhone incident. Apple fought a federal effort and provide assistance to unlock the IPhone that was used by one of the shooter in last year’s San Bernardino killing spree. So keeping such type of incidents in mind the security agencies have some reservations on it.

According to them, the introduction of such type of techniques are very necessary and demand of the modern era. But in order to compete with the accelerating crimes, there should be a mechanism which give the evidence about the suspected person on the order of court. Company should grant special access to the law enforcement agencies so that they can track the suspects. In other words company or service provider should have the keys that can only retrieve the data of suspect on the order of court.

These are the serious conflicts that’s Whatsapp facing. Whatsapp is mostly popular and used as an official network in some areas of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. So some measure should be made on it.

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