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Android Nougat Update has a Bunch of Great Features

Android Nougat update is released on 22 August by Google. Although it is available for Google Nexus devices only, but eventually the other manufacturers are going to make it available for their users as well.

Android Nougat update is has quite great improvements regarding the battery life extension, better security provision and Virtual Reality (VR) features.

There are other many great features that you can enjoy and try out on your Android devices. So let’s take a look at the 6 most interesting features in Android Nougat update.

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Multitasking using Split Screen Feature

Now we can have the joy of using 2 applications at the same time using this amazing split-screen feature in Android Nougat update. You can use this feature by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to recent apps
  2. Press and hold the application icon
  3. On prompt, drag the app to top of screen

For second app, you can follow the same steps and enjoy this great feature of Android Nougat update.

Cellular Data Savor Feature

Cellular data loss could be very dangerous for you if it goes in wrong hands. Also it is quite expensive these days. So Android Nougat update has this smart feature in it that saves the data immediately as this feature is turned on.

How to turn on this feature?

You can easily turn on this feature in Android Nougat update by navigating to the Quick Setting menu. You can also turn this on by navigating to the data usage section in settings. Then you will able to restrict the data usage from any app that you want.

The selected apps will not be able to use the data in background processes. They will only use data when you are using them.

Quick Setting Menu Customization

Now the quick setting menu is more customizable in Android Nougat update than the previous updates. Now you can setup that which icon should appear on top in Quick setting menu.

This is very simple to configure, just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Swipe with two figures once to expand Quick setting menu
  2. Now click the edit button on top
  3. From now on you can drag and drop the icon where you want in quick settings

Note: Only the first five icons will be available when you first swipe the Quick settings menu, by swiping one more all the remaining icons will show up.

In Nougat you can add some external application to Quick Settings menu as well.

Keyboard theme Customization

Are you get bored by using the same keyboard all the time? Or get sick of installing keyboard theme changing applications and slow down you android device? Then don’t worry now, because in Android Nougat update you can have the keyboard theme of your choice.

Just follow the steps given below to personalize you keyboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Tap Language and Input
  3. Now click Virtual Keyboard
  4. Tap Google Keyboard option
  5. Now choose your favorite theme

You can also add your own image from gallery as a keyboard background as well.

Reply from Notification Panel

Now you reply to your email, text message etc. from notification panel without navigating to the application.

Call Blocking in All Apps

Android kept on improving the call blocking control in it every new update. Now in Android Nougat update you can block the call and text messages from a number in all the applications at once. Which is a very impressive improvement by Android.

So I hope this article will be quite helpful for you guys to get started with Android Nougat update. So if you like this article then please drop your feedback in comment area and share this with your friends.

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