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How to Make Bootable USB Using Command Prompt in Windows

In this article I will teach you step by step that how you can make Bootable USB using command prompt in windows. Just follow my steps and enjoy!

After performing this process you just have to copy the contents of operating installation disk into the USB drive. After that you can use it as portable installation drive.

Step#1: Open Command Prompt in your windows

You have to open the command prompt through administrator rights, you can do this by navigating to windows search and type “cmd”, then right click on “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as Administrator”.

bootable usb


Step#2: Open Windows disk management utility to perform some commands

You can open the “disk management utility” by entering the following command “diskpart

bootable usb


Step#3: Show all the connected devices

Now enter the command “list distk” to list all the connected devices to you PC and with a number in front of each device, you should make note the number next to your USB device.

bootable usb step 3


Step#4: Select your USB drive from listed drives

Now enter the command “select list #”, you have to enter the number in front of your USB drive and press enter. Then you will see a message that Disk # is now the selected disk.

bootable usb step 4


Step#5: Erase all data from USB drive

Now enter the command “clean” to erase all the data on your drive. You will see the following output.

bootable usb step 5


Step#6: Now create a bootable partition in USB drive

Enter the command “create partition primary” to create the bootable partition with the following output screen.



Step#7: Make active by selecting the new partition

Now enter the command “select partition 1” and hit the enter button, after success message enter the command “active” and press enter. The following output screen will be displayed



Step#8: Format the USB drive using fat32 file system

Now enter the command “format fs=fat32” to format the USB drive, it will take a while and the progress will be shown in percentage. On format completion you will see a success message as in the following output screens.



Step#9: Allocate a letter to USB drive

After successful drive format you have to enter the command “assign” to assign a letter to USB drive. Now exit the disk management program or simple close the command prompt window.


Step#10: Copy the Operating System files to brand new bootable USB

The Final Step:

Copy all the files from operating system folder to the USB drive to use it as a portable installation drive.


So this is the whole process of creating a bootable USB using command prompt, if you have any problems during following this process or have some exception then feel free to comment here and you will find your answer soon.

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