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How to download website on local PC and browse website offline

In this article I will be teaching you how you can download a website to your local computer. Browse website whenever you want without any internet access. There are numerous tools providing the functionality of downloading the website offline. But I will be using WinHTTrack, which is most commonly used software for this purpose.

Internet is comprises of millions of websites and people can have all the information they needed. just by browsing their favorite websites or blogs. The people can learn, earn, entertain themselves, but what if someone don’t have internet and still want to browse website?. What if someone is out for a long journey but don’t have the facility of internet and still want to explore his/her favorite blog or want to learn something from some online learning resource? Don’t worry here is the solution for your all problems which makes it possible to browse website without internet facility. You can carry the website in your laptop PC wherever you exits around the globe!

How to download a website and browse website offline?

There a many different software are available in the market which provide the functionality to download your favorite website on your PC for offline use, but in this article I will be using WinHTTrack Website Copier, which is most commonly used software for downloading website to browse offline.

WinHTTrack can download the entire website on your local PC including all the media including images, text and videos etc. WinHTTrack is available for different operating systems but I will be using Windows to guide you people, just follow the below given steps.

Steps to Download the Website for offline use on your local PC:

You can download the WinHTTrack from the following link: WinHTTrack

After downloading the software, install it on your PC and follow me after launching it.

Step# 1:

Now you are on welcome page, so click next to proceed to next screen

browse website

Step# 2:

Write some name of the “Project” of your choice and enter some “Category” as well and click Next, just as I have entered TopNewsAge as Project name and GlobalNews as Category name


browse website offline

Step# 3:

Now in first dropdown list which is right in front of Action label, select the option “Download web site(s)

Later on when you want to update the website, which is already downloaded, you can just select the option “Update existing website” and all the other steps are same.

Step# 4:

Now click on the button “Add URL” right beneath the dropdown list and enter the URL of the website you want to download.

browse website offline

Step# 5:

Now click on the button “Set options” on the right side of “Preferences and mirror options” label and uncheck the checkbox “Use proxy for ftp transfers” and click Ok to return to main window

browse website offline

Step# 6:

Now click the “Next” button and then click on “Finish” on next screen

You are almost done! And the download process will start, you can “Cancel” this anytime and the downloaded content will still available in your PC.

browse website offline

browse website offline

How to deal with MIRROR ERROR in WinHTTrack Website Copier?

If you see the MIRROR ERROR in the WinHTTrack then just follow the following steps to remove it.

  1. Close the MIRROR ERROR window
  2. Navigate to “Set Options” section
  3. Open the “Browser ID” tab
  4. Select “none” from Browser “identity” dropdown list and click Ok

How to open the downloaded website in browser?

Follow the following steps to browse the website that you just have downloaded to your local PC:

  • Using WinHTTrack
  1. Click on “File” from the Menu
  2. Select the “Browse sites…” option
  3. You can see all the websites
  4. Now click on the website you want to browse and enjoy!
  • Using Windows Explorer
  1. Open the C drive, from the File explorer or whichever directory you have selected to save your website
  2. Now open the folder named as your website
  3. Open the Index file in your browser of your choice and enjoy offline browsing!

I hope you are thinking in your mind that which website you have to download? Yes it is quite amazing that you are no more dependent of internet access to browse your favorite website. Now if you don’t have internet at your home you can just go to some internet cafe and download your favorite website and take it home in your USB.

If you like this article then don’t forget to share this amazing information with others or if you have any questions to ask you can comment below!

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