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Opera Free VPN Provides Internet Privacy

Opera free VPN is now in the market. Opera has launched new update, Opera 40 which contains a built in VPN (Virtual Private Network). They has also launched beta version of VPN 5 months before the official version launch of Opera 40.

After evaluating the beta version usage, Opera free VPN proved to be quite helpful for users’ privacy while internet browsing. Opera is also providing this service for its Android and iOS users.

How Opera Free VPN Works?

When the user enables VPN on Opera browser, it automatically connects to one of the 5 Opera servers. Now the user’s IP address will be replaced by some random IP address, which makes them anonymous on the internet.

Opera Free VPN enable

Users can also set their IP address manually by choosing one of the 5 locations (Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and United States). If users does not manually change their IP address then the best possible server will be selected automatically for better user experience.

Opera Survey for VPN Awareness

A survey conducted by the Opera constitutes that only half of the people knows what the VPN is about. Most of the people from the other half are not willing to use the VPN service. The reason they state for not using it is due to difficulty in functionality as well as some of them don’t need to be anonymous.

How to use Opera Free VPN?

You can avail this free service by installing the latest version Opera 40 version on your computer or Mobile phone. If you already have the opera installed on your computer or mobile device then you can update it to Opera 40 to get this free service.

Opera Free VPN enable

As you have the Opera 40 installed, now you can Enable VPN by navigating to Opera Menu>Settings>Privacy & Security and Under the VPN section check the Enable VPN checkbox. Users can also choose whether to browse in local mode or in private mode.

Hope you liked this useful information about the Opera Free VPN and now fully aware of the service to use it for yourself. If you like this article, give you valuable feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

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