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Snapchat Renamed ‘Snap Inc.’ and Announces Snapchat Spectacles Glasses

Snapchat is no more Snapchat now! Last Friday the company officially renamed from Snapchat to “Snap” only.  Not only company changed their name but also introduced a new hardware product Snapchat Spectacles. These glasses come are way cheaper than the Google Glasses and can record short videos. Let’s discuss in detail that what are the specifications of Snapchat Spectacles.

Snapchat Spectacles in 3 Colors

snapchat spectacles colors

Snapchat Spectacles also known as Specs come in 3 different colors Coral, Teal and Black. The size of the Spectacles is standard and designed to be fitted on any face. Spectacles have a normal glasses look unlike the Google Glasses those were criticized due to their weird look.

Specs Charge Automatically

You can use the Specs for a day without charging them. Spectacles come with a charging case, which has 4 battery lives. Whenever the Specs’ charging is low, they automatically recharge them. So 4 times you can use the charging case to automatically charge your Specs and then you have to charge the charging case too. The direct cable is also available to charge either charging case or Spectacles.

Specs can Record Circular Videos

Snapchat Spectacles Circular Videos

According to the Snap Inc. there is a built in Snap video camera in the Spectacles. You can record. The recorded video is saved in a new format and can be played on other screens just like normal videos.

The angle of the video recording is of 115 degrees, which is very near to eyes’ the natural field of vision.

How to record the video with Specs?

You can record the video by taping a button on top left hand corner of the Specs. This will record the videos up to 10 seconds and if you want to extend the time you can re-tap the button and record up to 30 seconds. You can stop the video recording by long tapping the same button.

If you want to people know that you are recording their video, there is a light which can be turned on to indicate that in Spectacles.

Spectacles can Connect to the Snapchat Application

Snapchat Spectacles Circular Videos

As Specs is the product of the Snap Inc. it is quite obvious that it will be synced with the Snapchat application on Android and iOS.

When the video is recorded through the Specs, it is saved in the Specs’ memory as well as on the Snap chat application wirelessly. The videos are saved in Memories section in the Snapchat application.

In the Android app the videos are transferred through Wifi, whereas in iOS they are transferred trough either Wifi or Bluetooth.

Specs Only Costs $129.99

Spectacles will be in the market this fall. They are way cheaper than the Google Glasses as these only cost you $129.99 whereas the Google Glasses are of $1500.

Spectacles are not considered as a future product by the company. It is a fun product to free up your hands while making the videos.

The Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel said that Spectacles is to avoid the phone in front of your face like “a wall in front of your face“.

So this was all about the Snapchat update, which is now officially Snap only. And about their new hardware product Snapchat Spectacles.

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