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Turing Phone Codenza 12 GB RAM with 2 Snapdragons 830 SoCs

Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) has announced a smartphone with unbelievable specifications. If it is true than Turing Phone Codenza will revolutionize the mobile industry. The mobile industry giants e.g. SAMSUNG, APPLE, LG etc. will have to do some extra ordinary efforts to compete their new competitor.

Turing new smartphone called “Turing Phone Codenza” will be released in next year. It comprises of insanely high specs than any smartphone ever have in the past. TRI’s CEO Steve Chao announced that this phone is a part of their program called “The Outer Blueprint” which mainly focuses on embedding artificial intelligence in the smartphones.

RAM and Processor

TRI claims that the Turing Phone Codenza will 2 Snapdragon 830 SoCs. As Snapdragon 830 is not even released yet. It is expected to release in starting of 2017. But why they need 2 Snapdragon 830? Which is quite difficult to digest. One reason could be that they are also providing a 12 GB of RAM as well. One 830 SoC can support 8 GB of RAM, while 2 can completely use the 12 GB of RAM.

Camera and Internal Storage

This phone will also have 60MP rear, iMAX 6K, Triple Lens/T1.2 with front camera of 20MP. The phone which can take photos from 60MP camera and can record 6K videos would be needing a lot of storage. So Turing Phone Codenza will be having 1TB of builtin storage capacity with 2 external SD card support as well.

Battery and SIM Card Support

For network connectivity purposes it is providing you with 4 nanoSIM slots as well as WiGig. As powering such a high specs device would be nightmare, so they have manged to comprise Codenza with 100wh. The 100wh power came from 3 sources. One from 2400mAh graphene superconductor battery, Second source is 1600mAh lithium ion battery, and the third source is hydrogen fuel cell.

Turing Phone Codenza Operating System

It is coming with a unique OS called Swordfish OS (May be similar to Sailfish). Which contains a deep learning capability with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and also a variety of privacy checks.

Turing Phone Codenza

The whole specs mentioned a unbelievable. It looks like someone from Turing Robotics Industry just took a piece of paper and started to write random specifications for a smartphone. But let’s see what happened in future. Does it proves to be a pre-April fool or TRI really going to launch this beast!

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Image Source: TRI Mailing List

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