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WhatsApp Update can Share your Personal Information with Facebook

WhatsApp update is going to make changes in terms and privacy policy. In four years, it is for the first time that company is going to change its terms and privacy policy. In this update WhatsApp is going to share the user’s phone number along with some analytics data with the Facebook. For your information Facebook bought WhatsApp for Nineteen Billion Dollars ($19 Billion) in 2014.

WhatsApp explains their official blog post. According to the blog post, WhatsApp wants permit businesses to directly communicate to its users those are a huge number of more than 1 billion. The WhatsApp users are allowed to stop sharing their phone number with Facebook within the 30 days period.

How will your Phone Number will be used in this WhatsApp update?

WhatsApp ensured that info sharing with Facebook will only be used for tracking basic user behavior that how the users are using their service? And for fighting spam messages.

WhatsApp also made it quite clear that they are not going to share or post the user phone number anywhere or with advertisers.

If the user installed both Facebook and WhatsApp on the same device even with different phone numbers, Facebook still can provide the more user friendly experience.

Benefits of WhatsApp Information Sharing with Facebook

WhatsApp claimed in their blog post that by sharing your phone number with Facebook. It will bring your Facebook usage experience to a whole new level. Your friend suggestions will be improved and you will not the ads you are not interested in.

The company also stated that the new update is loaded with the great new features of end-to-end encryption to make user’s text message private to only sender and receiver. No one else can see those messages while traveling on the network. WhatsApp also ensured that even with coordination with Facebook will not reveal their private messages.

How to stop Facebook using your WhatsApp Information?

Yes, there are two ways from which you can opt out from sharing your phone number with Facebook in WhatsApp update. You can easily opt out when you are first notified with the privacy policy update. If somehow you have missed that then you can directly move to 2nd Method

Method #1

You are capable of opt out of giving your information to Facebook, when you see the notification that “Our terms and services have been changed” after updating your application to the latest version.

whatsapp update

You only have to uncheck the checkbox labeled as “share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences.” and tap on ‘AGREE’ button in the bottom. You are all done now!

Method #2

If you have missed to opt out from sharing your phone number to Facebook, then you can still do that from WhatsApp settings. You can opt out within 30 days after accepting the terms and services for the first time.

 Follow the steps given below

  1. Navigate to WhatsApp Settings
  2. Go into account Settings
  3. Tap on Share my account info
  4. Un-check the checkbox
  5. You are all done!

WhatsApp says in their blog that even the user opt out, their information will still be used by Facebook to improve the user experience. But good news is if you opt out you will not receive the unwanted Facebook ads.

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