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10 Video Games that ruled world

 All time Favorite Video Games

Video Games are always exciting for people. Video Games don’t have age barriers. People of all ages play games on their mobile, PCs, gaming consoles(Playstation, Xbox etc), every time a game excite people they start loving the game. Game’s character become famous like movie stars. People make the game popular. On that bases the company who have developed the game become famous and earn money.


So we have a list of all time favorite video games. This list is basically Earning based list. Rule is simple the higher they have made from game the higher position they have in our list.

List of Video Games


At number one position we have Tetris, Very famous game we all have played it on different consoles. The “Tile matching puzzle video game” was very famous among people of all ages. It was originally created and designed by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov in June 6,1984 . And after that we have seen different versions of this game and even famous games like candy crush is modified version of same old concept where you match tiles and break them to earn points.

Video games Tetris

They have earned 495 million from this game and it’s still famous after 3 generations because of it’s simple design and attraction for players to solve the puzzle to earn points. This game is available for all the famous platforms e.g. Android, iOS, playstation, Xbox and so on.

2. Minecraft

At number 2 we have minecraft. Created by  Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and after some time reproduced by Mojang. The fun fact was that the game was developed by a single person Persson using java programming language. He left his job and everything to create this game. I know you might not have played this game. That’s why let’s have bit of introduction about this video game. Minecraft is 3D world game where play have to create things using 3D cubes. There are different modes in the game to play like survival mode where player have to maintain health and build resource to live. A creative mode where player have unlimited resource to build and have ability to fly. It also have a mode as adventure mode where player have the option to play custom maps created by other players.

Video games minecraft

This game have earned 107.86 million. Also available for all famous consoles e.g. pc, mobile, playstaion.

3.Wii Sports

At number 3 we have Wii-Sports. This video game is a collection of five sports simulations, programmed to use motion-sensing of Wii Remote. This game also have fitness mode that monitor players fitness. This game was developed and published by Nintendo

video games Wii sports

Let’s talk about business. They have made 82.78 million from this game and it is available only for it’s Wii console.

4.Grand Theft Auto V

At number 4 we have GTA-V. You might be thinking why not at number one. It’s because the game have made not enough to reach the top for now. Released in September 17, 2013 Rock  developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.


video games Gta-v

This game have earned about 65 million . This game is available for famous gaming platforms like  PlayStation 3,  PlayStation 4Xbox OneXbox360  and Windows.

5.Super Mario Bros

At number 5 we have all time favorite Super Mario bros. It’s actually a sequel to the 1983 Mario bros. This game is very simple adventure game where you have to go through different hurdles and save the princess.

video games super mario


They have earned 55.75 million. This game was available on old Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System and now also available on PCs using emulator.


6.Mario Kart Wii

It’s also Wii console game. Developed and published by non other then Nintendo in 2008. The was very adventure to play with Wii remotes. If you have ever played this game you must have enjoyed playing it.

vide game mario kart

This game have earned 36.38 million. This game is available only for it’s own Wii console.

7.Diablo III

At number 7 we have Diablo III. Action game in which player have to choice from six characters Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor or Wizard. The game was real fun to play. It was released in 2012, created and published Blizzard Entertainment.

video games Diablo III


Diablo III actually have made 30 million. And available for famous concoles like playstation 4,3 and Windows.


8.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Another great Rockstar production and people love it because of it’s story and specially playing around with gang members of grove street. It’s an open world game where you can kill people steel money and do all the bad stuff but still enjoy doing that because it’s not real. It was released back in 2004. This game have a lot of other fun things to do as well like hair cutting,  Gym for bodybuilding, you can get fat. All those things that poeple were wishing to have in GTA-vice city.


video games Gta san

This game have made 27.5 million. Game is available for playstion 2, Windows and xbox one. You can still play this game. It’s real fun to play.


9.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

At number 9 we have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. One of the best games related to Wars and battle fields. Amazing missions with great storyline. The game is widely played multiplier and this is also one of the reasons that this game is famous. Game was released in 2011 and developed and published by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games.


video games call of duty


This first-person shooter game have made 26.5 million. The game is available for Playstation 3, Xbox360, Windows and Wii (Yes, It has a Wii version too.)


10. Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green

This game was very famous among kids. It was released in 1996 and was a Gameboy version. Now in 2016 a new version of this game is lunched named as Pokemon Go. The main aim in the game was to become champion of Pokemon League and defeating the eight Gym Leaders and 4 top Pokemon trainers in trainers land. The new version of Pokemon Go is mobile based and you actually have to move around in real location to play the game.

video games pokemon go


This game have earned 23.64 million. This game was only available for Gameboy. Gameboy was mobile console like PSP that you can take with you while moving around.



Images-resource: Flickr under the license to use commercially.



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Hope you like this list.

Do comment and Share your thoughts with us. Have you played any of these share you experience with us. You comments and suggestions are most welcome 🙂

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