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Top 10 deadliest Countries of world to live

 Top 10 Deadliest countries of world

The following top 10 deadliest list is based on CTI (Country Threat Index). The higher the CTI the higher the danger to live in that country. However having low CTI does not guarantee that country is safe to live as when 9 /11 happened US was having very low CTI. Let’s have a look at the list.

At # 10.Nigeria

Nigeria is at number 10 from the deadliest counties top 10 list to live on earth.Nigeria is having CTI of 103.

top 10 deadliest Nigeria


At # 9.Bangladesh

At number 9 in top 10 we have Bangladesh. East of India and at the bay of Bengal with population of 156.6 (2013).

Having CTI of 116

Capital: Dhaka


top 10 deadliest BanglaDesh


At # 8.France

At number 8 we have France, in Western Europe and it’s famous capital Paris with CTI of 131

top 10 deadliest France


At # 7.US

Number 7 is occupied by non other then US.

Capital: Washington D.C

 with CTI of 153

top 10 deadliest US army


At # 6.Somalia

Somalia( Horn of Africa) is at number 6 in the list

Capital : Mogadishu

Having CTI :213

top 10 deadliest sumalia


At # 5.Turkey

Turkey (former home of sultans) is at number 5 in deadliest countries list


Having CTI : 214

top 10 deadliest turkey


At # 4.Libya

Libya is at number 4 in our list with population of 6.202 million (2013)


Having CTI :287

top 10 deadliest Roman city, Djemila


At # 3.Afghanistan

At number 3 in our deadliest count down we have Afghanistan


Having CTI : 309

top 10 deadliest afghanistan


At # 2.Iraq

Welcome to danger zone. Iraq is at number 2.


CTI : 681

top 10 deadliest IRAQ


At # 1.Syria

Syria is at number 1 in this list. That makes Syria the most dangerous country on this planet.



top 10 deadliest syria

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