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Happy Independence Day Pakistan, 2016

Independence Day  observed annually on 14 August, in Pakistan. It is a national holiday. The main Independence day ceremony held in Islamabad.The national flag is hosted over the Presidential and Parliament building.

independence day

Source Credit : pixabay.com

Today is the 69th anniversary of Pakistan. Celebrations are being made all over the country. Different people celebrating the independence day in different ways. Some are wearing green and white dresses, while others are gathering under the same flag singing national anthem. Most of the people also celebrate this day by visiting different monuments.  Minaar-e-Pakistan(LAHORE) , Pakistan Monument (ISLAMABAD) are the favorite monuments

Independence Day Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument Source Credit: Wikimedia.org

independence day

Minaar e Pakistan. Source Credit: wikimedia.org

Independence Day Special:

Special prayers are being made in different masajid for the stability, prosperity and peace in the country. Pakistan came into existence by the efforts of great leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali jinnah. Allama Iqbal (shair e Mashriq) is our national hero. He presented the theory of Pakistan. Muhammad Ali jinnah turned that theory into reality. Finally all the sacrifices of the Muslims of subcontinent turned to a this homeland Pakistan. The place where they could spend their life according to Islam.

Today we remember and honor those, who fought for Pakistan’s freedom. We send them warm wishes for happiness as well as their prosperity.

Happy Independence day 2016 to all Pakistanis.

Pakistan Zindabad !

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