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Independence Day 2016 India vs Pakistan

India vs pakistan independence day 2016
India vs Pakistan independence day 2016

Two Nationals with incredible people 

India and Pakistan celebrates Independence day on 15th and 14th of August. Both are fighting for many years on different disputes among them. Two neighboring countries have many things in common. But the main problem is why they hate each other?

Reasons to Hate

When you grow up in any country you learn different things related to country. Their likes and dislikes. So they main reason is we were taught to hate each other from start. Specially through our media. Nobody actually tries to figure out what is the reason. Just saw a news on television and start posting bad about other country on social media or with friends. They never tries to find out what’s the actual problem.

Kashmir conflict

One of the biggest dispute among them started after the partition in 1947 and is still a problem. Why there is no solution to this problem. Have you ever tried to find out. If not why are you fighting our defending your country without the knowledge. It’s called blind following “without knowing right or wrong just started following what you hear around”.

Let’s say we both hate each other fine.we don’t want to see each others fine. Why the hell we are killing people in Kashmir just to solve our dispute. Pakistani says that Indian forces are killing people on the other side Indians are claiming that Pakistani mojahids are killing innocent Indian police .

For a second just make yourself out of this and thing as human being. Look from both sides humans are getting killed for what ? Just to solve dispute and you know you are not going to solve this the way. The way you are doing it right now. Both countries should leave that area and let the people live a happy life in Kashmir.

Talk like educated countries. Discuss  your dispute out of Kashmir. When you have a decision then allow anyone from both countries to enter that area.

“Don’t try do it forcefully “

You end up getting no results just hate among each other and killing of people in Kashmir.

Getting a separate space to live is not problem. Let’s take an example of family. Even families can’t live together and people together makes a family. Consider India and Pakistan as two families. When they were living together it’s fine. Now when they don’t want to live together due to difference in their values and culture. Their religion and beliefs are different e.g. One eat cow and other worship cow. This is just one difference there are hundreds of other. So that means they can’t live happily at the same place(Just forget about who is right or wrong )  grow up. And find out why we have a problem with it. Those who don’t have problems with each other.Who accept each other are still living on the same place even after separation. (Muslims in India and Hindus in Pakistan). It shouldn’t be a problem. I know youth from both sides are getting mature about this they don’t hate each other. How funny is that you don’t even met a person just because he belongs to a country you hate him/her (Hate without your own will. You were taught to hate each other).

It’s 2016 and independence day

Finally , We know that we are human beings and we should respect each other. In religion in beliefs and in cultural values. It’s 2016 and we are still acting like uneducated counties. People are going further to discover moon and stars. We are here just fighting with each other without any solution to fights.

Both families(countries) have very talented people. We should allow each other to grow in world. Instead of fighting we should support each other. Pakistani are found of Bollywood movies,actors and on other side Indian are very much liking Pakistani dramas and singers.

They are also human beings. They are also Indian and Pakistanies. Why you love them because you get to know about them through different ways. Your imaginations about Pakistani and Indian disappears as you get to know about people. Then you recreate an positive image about the person you saw in movie, tv or interviews .

Love ,respect,peace and unity .

Happy Independence day to Both Countries .Stay blessed and happy 🙂

Happy 14 August to Pakistani People.

Happy 15 August to Indian People.

Share your thoughts below in comments. You are most welcome 🙂

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