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Maalik, likely to be released soon across Pakistan

Maalik is a Pakistani Political and thriller film written and produced by Ashir Azeem.

Ashir Azeem Background:

Ashir Azeem is a Pakistani-Canadian film and television actor as well as writer. He was born in Quetta. He joined Central Superior Services of Pakistan in 1998 and worked in Federal board of Revenue (FBR). While working he wrote the story of Pakistan Army as well. Ashir had basically got notoriety through the television series Dhuwaan in 1994 where he acted as leading role. This drama was aired on Pakistan Television. Dhuwaan got very popular in people and caught the positive response. After that Ashir moved to Canada, where he decided to make a film his story written in 1993, Maaalik.


Unfortunately, Maalik get banned at the start by the federal Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage proclaiming the movie “anti-Pakistan”.

Azeem, a leading director, writer and actor, had challenged the ban in Sindh High Court. He stated that film was ended with collaboration of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) and does not contain anything that goes contrary to public interest.

Moreover he said the ban was imposed by the government without having the authority to do. The authority to establish censor boards was a sanction of provincial governments following the 18th amendment.

He claimed that the story and script of the film is not directed towards the government or the working of the government over-all. The film was produced with the intent to point the political and social issues of Pakistan.

Court Decision on Maalik:

Finally, Sindh High court has declared the ban as illegal during a hearing of application. The decision was made under the bench leaded by Justice Sajjad Ali shah. He allowed the film for the screening countrywide.

Ashir Azeem celebrated his film victory by giving the status on twitter “We waited patiently [and] we did not release the film illegally. We suffered but kept faith and today we are vindicated.”

He said that the will be release soon on the cinema screens. He is now talking to film distributors for the release.

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