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One of the highest profiles Hollywood marriage is ended

One of the highest profiles Hollywood Stars marriage is ended. Hollywood global awarded actress and film maker Jolie  filed for divorce against Brad Pitt.

On Monday, Angelina Jolie filed legal documents for divorce from husband mentioning irresoluble differences. She stated their date of separation as September 15.


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Jolie Courts Documents:

According to the court documents, the couple had engaged in August 2014. After a period of two years and one month they separated on September 15.

It has also been known that both have been together since 2004 but got into relationship in 2014. Jolie said she had become sick and tired with Brad’s intake of weed and possibly alcohol. She believes this as an anger problem. She felt that this will cast detrimental effects on her children. It has also come to know that Jolie has also demanded the physical keeping of their six children. She has also asked the court to let Brad’s visiting.

On the other hand Brad also said in one of his media statement that he is very sadden by this , but for now what matters a lot is the wellbeing of our children . He also requested media to give them the personal space which they deserve.

Attorney of the Jolie said that the decision was made for the health of the family, she will be not stating at this time, please give them the personal space at this difficult situation.

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