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Ryan Lochte Robbery Allegation in Rio

Ryan Lochte Robbery

Ryan Lochte Robbery

Ryan Lochte and other three swimmers got Robbed last Sunday morning by people who appeared as police officers.

The name of other three swimmer are Jimmy FeigenGunnar Bentz and Jack Conger.

How this happened ? (Crime Story)

This happened when they were traveling from France’s hospitality venue to the Olympic Village in a taxi and pulled over by cops. And they robbed them. They swimmers said

“We got pulled over, in a taxi, and these guys came out with the badges, no lights, no alarm, nothing just a police badge and stopped us. Ryan Lochte said in an interview with NBC that “they pulled out their guns and said to other swimmers that lay down on ground..! “. I was standing straight as i thought i have not done anything wrong. Then one of them placed his gun on my forehead and shouted lay down. Then they just took our wallets and left our identities with us and left away.

U.S. Olympic Committee said the four athletes are safe and cooperating with committee.


Bentz said on social platform tweeter : “We are all safe. Thank you for your love and support.”

On Sunday, Ryan Lochte on Twitter said that “what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed.”

Ryan Lochte Robbery

Ryan Lochte has won 12 gold medals and also won relay gold medal on these games. He also texted his mother, Ileana, that he had been robbed on gun point after when the incident happened.

Not after that, the swimmer said the the story was not accurate in reports. Then The international Olympic committee spoke person Mark Adman said that ” reports were absolutely not true”.

But it was confirmed by Lochte’s mother and Brazilian swimmer that ryan lochte robbery was true. It was also followed by Ryan telling NBC that it was true.


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